The full story on Travis Taylor

With the gaps in his roster, new BC coach Steve Donahue needed some solid tranfers to help build his new program. Earlier this summer, this looked promising. But things took a turn this week.

Donahue and staff hit a little of a speed bump when word leaked that their first potential transfer Travis Taylor announced he would not be coming to BC as a full-time basketball player.

Donahue desperately needed bodies and Taylor wanted to play in an elite conference, so what happened? The initial explanation didn't make sense. According to Zags Blog:

I'm hearing BC wasn't aware that Taylor had been suspended for seven games last season for "violating team rules."

Zags' blog makes for interesting posting, but in this case it is not true. Although critics have called BC's athletic admissions reactionary or too restrictive, in this case all involved did their homework.

Taylor visited with the whole staff and many in the Athletic Department when he was on campus for earlier this summer. He met with academic folks and admissions. Everyone knew he was suspended for a "violation of team rules" while at Monmouth. The suspension was not seen as a problem and he was set to be admitted.

Problems, however, did arise when BC did some more digging. It turned out that Taylor wasn't completely forthcoming with BC about his various violations at Monmouth. The collection of issues and the less than candid disclosures were too much for BC to overlook.

From a basketball sense this was not a big deal. As a transfer Taylor would not have played this season regardless of what admissions did. He was filler for 2011-2012 season.

The bigger lesson for all of this is that Donahue and company have to do all their homework prior to getting a kid on campus. If the BC admissions department keeps rejecting prospective recruits, Donahue and company will have a tough time bringing any elite recruits on board.

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