Entrance Exam: Elijah Brown - Part 2

Incoming freshman Elijah Brown, Mater Dei (CA) HS takes InsideTheDawgPound's Entrance Exam.

InsideTheDawgPound presents Entrance Exam, where Butler fans get a chance to know their incoming freshman a little better not only as a player, but also a person.

We continue with Elijah Brown, Mater Dei (CA) High School.

Part 2 - On the Court

IDP: Current height and weight?

EB: 6'4 185 (by the time I start with the team about 6'4 190-195)

IDP: What number will you be wearing at Butler?

EB: 5!

IDP: What will it be like to wear a Butler jersey next season?

EB: Humbling/honored. I feel blessed.

IDP: Describe what it will feel like to play in Hinkle Fieldhouse.

EB: Surreal, I can't wait!

IDP: What have you been doing this summer in preparation for your freshman year?

EB: Working out hard and getting some sun. Hopefully to bring it to Indiana with me haha

IDP: If you are taking the trip, what do you expect from the summer trip to Australia? Things you are most excited about?

EB: Bonding experience with my team. I'm excited to play with the guys and see what we look like.

IDP: How would you like to contribute as a freshman? Goals?

EB: Be a key part of this team. Id like to be a lockdown defender as well as a dominant scorer and playmaker right away.

IDP: What are your thoughts on moving to the Big East, having originally committed to the Atlantic 10?

EB: Very excited. Ready for all the challengers.

IDP: Team you are most excited to play against in the Big East or on next seasons schedule? Explain.

EB: Marquette/Georgetown and Purdue. Don't know the whole non-conference schedule yet!

IDP: What position do you anticipate playing/have the coaches told you to get ready for?

EB: Combo guard. Some 1&2.

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