Entrance Exam: Steven Bennett - Part 2

Incoming freshman Steven Bennett, New Castle Chrysler (IN) High School, takes InsideTheDawgPound's Entrance Exam.

InsideTheDawgPound presents Entrance Exam, where Butler fans get a chance to know their incoming freshman a little better not only as a player, but also as a person.

Next up, Steven Bennett, New Castle Chrysler (IN) High School.

Part 2 - On the Court

IDP: Current height and weight?

SB: 6-4, 190

IDP: What number will you be wearing at Butler?

SB: 25

IDP: What made you choose Butler and who was the first person you told that you were committing?

SB: The program and the coaching staff, they're top notch and I'm honored to be a part of it. It's exciting and will be a great challenge. The first person I told was my dad.

IDP: What will it be like to wear a Butler jersey next season?

SB: Humbling, it's always a special feeling to be a part of a team and program that's something so much bigger than yourself.

IDP: Describe what it will feel like to play in Hinkle Fieldhouse.

SB: Awesome, I don't know if I could pick any better word for it. It's such a special place to play.

IDP: What have you been doing this summer in preparation for your freshman year?

SB: The biggest thing I've been doing is trying to get myself in the best shape possible. I've really been working on trying to perfect the craft of my game along with doing things that I've learned we do at Butler as far as workouts and lifts go. I want to be as prepared as possible so I've kind of asked on a few things and made sure I know what's coming when I get over there.

IDP: If you are taking the trip, what do you expect from the summer trip to Australia? Things you are most excited about?

SB: I am going, but I honestly have no idea what to expect. It'll definitely be a new and great experience. I'm most excited about just getting to experience it with the team, but seeing and learning about the culture and lifestyle of a different continent will be pretty cool too.

IDP: How would you like to contribute as a freshman? Goals?

SB: I want to contribute in whatever way Coach Stevens wants me to, whatever I need to do in any way to help us win is what I'll do. My goal is just to go in, compete hard, and take on whatever role Coach Stevens wants me to do and do that to the best of my ability and go on from there with more specific goals.

IDP: What are your thoughts on moving to the Big East, having originally committed to the Atlantic 10?

SB: Not a whole lot, both conferences are extremely tough and all the teams will be good. It presents a great challenge either way and it'll be exciting.

IDP: Team you are most excited to play against in the Big East or on next seasons schedule? Explain.

SB: I don't know if I'm more excited for any in particular, every game is a big game. I'm going to do my best to have the same mindset no matter what team we're playing.

IDP: What position do you anticipate playing/have the coaches told you to get ready for?

SB: I'd say a wing player, running off screens looking for a shot, creating for others, etc.

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