Entrance Exam: Rene Castro - Part 1

Incoming freshman Rene Castro - Worcester (MA) Academy, takes InsideTheDawgPound's Entrance Exam.

InsideTheDawgPound presents Entrance Exam, where Butler fans get a chance to know their incoming freshman a little better not only as a player, but also as a person.

Next up, Rene Castro - Worcester (MA) Academy.

Part 1 - Off the Court

IDP: When do you arrive on campus?

RC: I arrive on Sunday June 23rd.

IDP: Who are you rooming with?

RC: I am rooming with Nolan Berry in the summer and during the school year I will be rooming with Michael Volovic.

IDP: When do classes start? What class are you most excited about?

RC: Classes start June 24th. I'm not excited about any particular class, I look forward to enjoying them all.

IDP: What parts of campus are you most excited about exploring?

RC: I'm excited about exploring all parts of campus.

IDP: What are you looking forward to most about living in Ross Hall? Least excited about?

RC: I'm excited about meeting the kids that are going to live with me in Ross Hall. Least excited about how far some of my classes will be from Ross Hall.

IDP: What are you going to miss most from your hometown?

RC: I'm going to miss my mom's cooking the most and just hanging out with my friends.

IDP: What are your "must-have" items for your dorm room?

RC: I must have snacks in my room at all times.

IDP: What is the last song that you played on your itunes (iPhone/iPod)?

RC: Meek Mill - Traumatized

IDP: Describe your personality for the fans to get to know you better.

RC: Believe it or not, I tend to be shy sometimes, but once you get to know me I'm outgoing and have a very easy-going sense of humor.

IDP: Name one talent you have that is not related to basketball?

RC: I'm decent at soccer.

Look for Part 2: On the Court tomorrow.

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