Entrance Exam: Rene Castro - Part 2

Incoming freshman Rene Castro - Worcester (MA) Academy, takes InsideTheDawgPound's Entrance Exam.

InsideTheDawgPound presents Entrance Exam, where Butler fans get a chance to know their incoming freshman a little better not only as a player, but also as a person.

Rene Castro - Worcester (MA) Academy - finished his Entrance Exam.

Part 2 - On the Court

IDP: Current height and weight?

RC: 6-foot 1, 185 pounds

IDP: What number will you be wearing at Butler?

RC: I will be wearing number 14.

IDP: What made you choose Butler and who was the first person you told that you were committing?

RC: I chose Butler because I think it was the best place for me to be successful academically, socially, and athletically. The first person I told is my mom.

IDP: What will it be like to wear a Butler jersey next season?

RC: It will be a honor because so many great players have worn the jersey.

IDP: Describe what it will feel like to play in Hinkle Fieldhouse.

RC: It will be a great feeling because Hinkle is historic.

IDP: What have you been doing this summer in preparation for your freshman year?

RC: I have been trying to improve my jump shot and handle. I have also been working on my conditioning.

IDP: If you are taking the trip, what do you expect from the summer trip to Australia? Things you are most excited about?

RC: I expect to get to know my teammates better and build team chemistry. I'm most excited about getting on the court with my new teammates and touring another country.

IDP: How would you like to contribute as a freshman? Goals?

RC: As a freshman I would like to bring energy to the game, and my goals are just to be able to help my team win games.

IDP: What are your thoughts on moving to the Big East, having originally committed to the Atlantic 10?

RC: I think it's great change because their will be more competition. I'm really excited because I love competing against the highest level of talent.

IDP: Team you are most excited to play against in the Big East or on next seasons schedule? Explain.

RC: I'm excited to play against Purdue because they are also in the State of Indiana. The game should be really fun and it shows who is one of the top basketball schools in Indiana.

IDP: What position do you anticipate playing/have the coaches told you to get ready for?

RC: The coaches say I should get ready for the point guard position.

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