Butler Head Coach Search

Barry Collier has the search for Butler's new head coach in full swing and is looking to make a quick, thorough search in the new few days. We break down a few of the candidates.

INDIANAPOLIS - The first edition of the coaching big board will have a lot of familiar names for Butler fans. Traditionally Butler fills its coaching positions from within. They either hire a current member of the staff or someone that has ties to the program.

The last coaching hire that was made by athletic director Barry Collier came quickly and was from the staff, when he hired Brad Stevens after Todd Lickliter left for the head coaching position at Iowa.

While many thought Matthew Graves would be in position to be head coach, Collier chose Stevens and the rest is history.

InsideTheDawgPound has heard from sources that Butler will continue with its tradition of hiring someone from the Butler family. This removes a lot of coaches from the candidate pool including Ben Howland, the former coach at UCLA and Pittsburgh, who had received some endorsements from analysts.

It has been said that Collier may make the hire quickly, potentially by Friday and the list has been shrunk to the three current assistants, along with a few former Butler coaches.

The Main Candidates

LaVall Jordan



Jordan has been an assistant at a number of high major programs. He has coached at Butler, Iowa, and Michigan. He would be in his 4th season with the Wolverines under the tenure of Jon Beilien.

Why would he fit?

Jordan is known as a tenacious recruiter and a solid coach. He has helped to develop point guards Darius Morris, as well as, reigning National Player of the Year Trey Burke. He has been involved with a number of recruits that Butler had been targeting such as Zak Irvin and Trevon Bluiett.

Jordan is also a former player at Butler and would fit the mold of continuing The Butler Way. He wouldn't have to instill a new culture at Butler and would be a smooth transition for the Butler community both on the court as well as on the recruiting trail.

Why he wouldn't?

While Collier might not be looking for head coaching experience, just like in the past, LaVall has never run his own program and it could be a slight transition to head coach.

Branden Miller



Miller also has a lot of experience at different programs. He has coached at Butler, Xavier, Ohio State, and Illinois. He was just hired by Stevens as an assistant coach this spring and would be in his 1st season back at Butler.

Why would he fit?

Miller would fit the mold as another coach connected with Butler, as he coached and played at Butler. He is a quality recruiter and another solid coach. He had helped Ohio State land a couple 4-star recruits while in Columbus.

Why he wouldn't?

Some have questioned Miller's emotional style on the court. Being used to Stevens' demeanor, Butler fans would have to adjust to a potentially different demeanor from Miller. He also has never been a head coach and that would be a transition for Miller. Another factor may have been Miller's absence from coaching for a year, before he headed back to Illinois in a non-active coaching or recruiting position. Some could question his passion for coaching, since he took the year off.

Micah Shrewsberry


A former assistant coach at Butler, Shrewsberry left for Purdue after 4 seasons on the Butler bench. He would be in his 3rd season with the Boilermakers under Matt Painter.

Why he would fit?

He is someone who coached under Brad Stevens and he would be an easy transition with the culture at Butler, just like all of the other candidates that are members of the Butler family. He was the head coach at IU-South Bend from 2005-2007, so he knows what it takes to run a program. Solid coach on the floor and helped develop a number of players on the Butler roster.

Why he wouldn't?

While he has head coaching experience, Shrewsberry hasn't run a high level Division 1 program. That would be an adjustment for him as he moved back to Indianapolis from West Lafayette. While he is a good recruiter, he isn't the dynamic recruiter that Jordan or even Miller could be.

Others Thought to be Considered

Michael Lewis, Terry Johnson, Todd Lickliter

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