Tejada Breaks Down Favorites

Pompano Beach (FL) guard Lance Tejada named his top 7 recently. Now he breaks down what he likes about each school and the lastest on his recruitment.

Blanche Ely (FL) High School point guard Lance Tejada has begun to narrow down his recruitment over the past few weeks. He recently narrowed his list to Alabama, Murray State, Miami (FL), Butler, Florida State, Connecticut, and Texas A&M.

The 6-foot 1 point guard has offers from all of his top 7, except for Connecticut.

The Huskies let the talented senior-to-be know that they will be watching him coming up in July and he fells as though an offer is on its way soon.

Tejada took a moment to break down his current Top 7:

Alabama – "I like their up-tempo play and how they get after things. Their a very competitive things."

Butler – "I like the way Coach Stevens manages and coaches his players. He gets the job done. He's a good coach."

Florida State – "Growing up I used to favor them over a lot of schools, but that's why they are in my top 7. I'm getting to know the coaching staff a little better."

Murray State– "I like the way they let their guards go. They play a national schedule. He lets his players play and his leash isn't that tight. I like that."

UConn – "I kind of like UConn because of like how they made Kemba (Walker) the player he is. He was an under the radar type of player coming out of high school."

Texas A&M – "Coach Kennedy is good person and just an all-around good coach. The type of coach you can learn something from."

Miami (FL) – "I like the way he let's his guards play as well. He let's them go in transition and doesn't put the leash on you as well."

With attention from around the country, Tejada doesn't put a huge focus on location. He is looking for the best fit and the ability to get on the court, no matter where the school is located. "Just where I am going to go and get better and get playing time," Tejada said.

Tejada also has been getting a lot of attention on Twitter. Fans from schools have been writing on his twitter feed trying to show their support for the 3-star point guard.

"Who doesn't like that. It's cool, it's nice," Tejada said. "I would say probably Murray State and Butler are the most active."

With a busy summer of AAU on the horizon, Tejada is starting to plan a few of his visits for later in the year.

"I know in September I am going to be visiting Alabama and Murray State," Tejada said. "I plan on going to Butler later as well."

All the schools on his list have been recruiting him regularly and equally.

Butler recently offered the New York native and Brad Stevens has been leading the charge.

"I mainly talked to Coach Stevens," Tejada said. "He's a cool dude. We talk about basketball, whatever. What I'm up to, just checking up on me. I was a little shocked by the offer from Butler. It was out of the blue. He caught me off guard."

While Tejada has narrowed his list to several schools, he isn't ready to make his choice just yet. He plans on taking his official visits this fall before making his decision.

"Whatever I feel like is right after I take my visits," Tejada said. "I'm not in a rush."

A decision Tejada will need to make soon is where he will finish his high school career. He will be changing high schools and is yet to make that particular decision for the upcoming year.


After speaking to Tejada, Brad Stevens left for the Boston Celtics that night.

"Yeah I know," Tejada said about Stevens leaving for Boston. "We'll see as July ends (where Butler stands)."

It looks like the decision for Stevens to leave Butler could affect where the Bulldogs stand.

However, if Butler names a replacement quickly, which is expected, and is still interested in Tejada, Butler may still be in the race.

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