Butler 2013 Yearbook: Andrew Smeathers

InsideTheDawgPound breaks down Andrew Smeathers' 2012-13 season and looks forward to 2013-14.

In the Butler Yearbook feature, InsideTheDawgPound will take a look at each player on the roster heading into the new school year and season. We analyze last season's performance and where the player could be headed during the upcoming season.

Next up in the 2013 Yearbook is forward Andrew Smeathers.


Andrew Smeathers

#0 - Junior - 6-foot 6, 185 pounds

Greenwood, IN

2012-13 Final Stats

PPG – 1.0

Total Points – 19

RPG – 0.4

Total Rebounds – 7

Offensive Rebounds – 0

Defensive Rebounds – 7

APG – 0.1

Total Assists – 1

BPG – 0.1

Total Blocks – 1

SPG – 0.0

Total Steals – 0

Shooting Stats

FGA – 25

FGM - 6

FG% - 24.0

3PA – 20

3PM – 4

3PT% - 20.0

FTA – 4

FTM – 3

FT% - 75.0

Total Fouls – 6

Average Minutes – 2.4

Games Played – 20

Games Started – 0

2012-13 Season in Review: Andrew Smeathers saw little game action in 2012-13. He saw an average of 2.4 minutes per game and a season high of 8 minutes against Richmond. He also had his highest scoring output of the season against Richmond and also against Saint Louis in the Atlantic 10 tournament. Despite averaging just 2.4 minutes, Smeathers did manage to average a full point per game in his 20 appearances.

Smeathers seems to struggle with defense and former Butler head coach Brad Stevens couldn't get him on the court for extended periods of time. While he has played extremely well in practice, according to reports, it hasn't translated to the games.

Last season Rotnei Clarke dominated much of the play from beyond the arc and if Smeathers could have been serviceable on defense, his range on offense could have provided more spacing for Clarke to operate.

Smeathers is 3-point centric and attempted 20 of his 25 field goals from beyond the arc, but connected on just 20% of those attempts. He also didn't have any of the explosive scoring games that he had his freshman year, which included a 17 point performance and the most points scored by a freshman since 2008.

2013-14 Season Preview: Smeathers is one of the most talented shooters on the Butler roster and has been for the past two seasons, however, it isn't his shooting that has been holding him back. His defense needs to improve in order for the Bulldogs to trust him on the court. Smeathers will take and make shots, but if he can't become adequate on defense, then Coach Brandon Miller can't be comfortable with him on the court for long stretches of time.

At 6-foot 6 Smeathers will be able to get his shot off against most defenses without a problem. His high release on his jump shot proves to be difficult to block. If Smeathers can get into the rotation he could provide similar sparks to former Butler sharpshooter Pete Campbell. Campbell was famous for his "clusters" of 3-point shots falling and providing an instant impact. Smeathers showed glimpses of that potential as a freshman and in practice.

Look for Smeathers to get a little more time this season. He will be able to spread the defense and allow Butler's young guards to penetrate. The increased penetration will allow Smeathrs, Elijah Brown, Kellen Dunham, Erik Fromm to hit shots from beyond the arc.

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