Butler 2013 Yearbook: Kameron Woods

InsideTheDawgPound breaks down Kameron Woods' 2012-13 season and looks forward to 2013-14.

In the Butler Yearbook feature, InsideTheDawgPound will take a look at each player on the roster heading into the new school year and season. We analyze last season's performance and where the player could be headed during the upcoming season.

Next up in the 2013 Yearbook is forward Kameron Woods.


Kameron Woods

#31 - Junior - 6-foot 9, 200 pounds

Louisville, KY

2012-13 Final Stats

PPG – 4.5

Total Points – 163

RPG – 4.9

Total Rebounds – 176

Offensive Rebounds – 48

Defensive Rebounds – 128

APG – 0.8

Total Assists – 28

BPG – 0.7

Total Blocks – 24

SPG – 0.6

Total Steals – 21

Shooting Stats

FGA – 117

FGM - 64

FG% - 54.7

3PA – 4

3PM – 1

3PT% - 25.0

FTA – 52

FTM – 34

FT% - 65.4

Total Fouls – 64

Average Minutes – 17.0

Games Played – 36

Games Started – 0

2012-13 Season in Review: Kameron Woods has started to develop into an excellent player for the Bulldogs. Woods played in all 36 games for Butler in 2012-13 averaging 17 minutes per game. He led Butler in blocks (24), while averaging 4.5 points (6th on the team) and 4.9 rebounds (3rd on the team). His highlight games of the season were against Evansville and Massachusetts. Woods had 10 points and a career-high 12 rebounds against the Purple Aces, while scoring a career-high 17 points against the Minutemen.

Woods was consistent again in 2012-13. He averaged similar points, rebounds, and blocks per game as he did in his freshman season. The similar numbers corresponded to similar playing time. During the first half of the regular season, it seemed as though Stevens couldn't find a place for the 6-foot 9 sophomore. During the first 21 games of the season, Woods only recorded 20 minutes in 4 games. However he found his place during the final 15 games, where he saw 20 minutes or more in 12 games.

An area where Woods improved significantly was shot selection. In 2011-12 Woods attempted 61 3-pointers and converted on just 11 (18%). Last season Woods shot just 4 3-pointers converting on 1 (25%). Instead of stretching his range Woods found his home in or just outside the paint. During his freshman season, Woods was 57/154 (37%) from the field. He improved that to 64/117 (54.7%) during his sophomore season.

Woods also improved his free-throw shooting from 26/43 (60.5%) to 34/52 (65.4%).

2013-14 Season Preview: With the loss of senior center Andrew Smith to graduation and junior Roosevelt Jones to injury, Woods is going to be one of the most experienced post players on the Butler roster. He will be relied upon to take up the slack in the rebounding department as well as scoring from the post. He showed signs of a dynamic rebounding ability in Australia during Butler's four game run Down Under.

Over the past two years, Woods has shown glimpses of being an outstanding rebounder utilizing his length to his advantage. While he averaged 4.9 rebounds per game last season, Woods finished the season extremely strong averaging 6.5 rebounds per game over the last 11 games. The increase in rebounding corresponded to an increase in playing time. Over the that same stretch, Woods averaged nearly 22 minutes on the floor.

An area where Woods has always struggled is with strength and weight. Woods is thin for a post player at 200 pounds, while standing 6-foot 9. He needs to continue to add some bulk and strength, while maintaining his athleticism.

Woods should find himself in the starting lineup at some point in 2013-14. If he doesn't crack the starting lineup, Woods should be one of the first players off the bench for Coach Miller. Woods' size and length will be an asset that he needs to use during Big East games. Look for Woods to increase not only his rebounding stats, but also his scoring stats as he is looked to more in the paint. He should also have more put-back opportunities with his improved offensive rebounding numbers.

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