Brown Makes an Impression

Elijah Brown made an impressive first impression at Hinkle Fieldhouse during the Blue/White Scrimmage

Indianapolis (IN) - To say that a first impression could not have gone better is an understatement. True freshman Elijah Brown made an enormous statement with his first live action in the hallowed halls of Hinkle Fieldhouse.

The true freshman guard scored a game-high 19 points utilizing a blending a smooth jump-shot, quick penetration into the paint, and superior athleticism. The 6-foot 4 shooting guard's night was punctuated with an blow-by of fellow freshman guard Rene Castro and two handed dunk.

His impressive night certainly did one thing for the freshman, increased expectations and gave Brown confidence - something he wasn't lacking.

A lot of pressure has been put onto the shoulders of sophomore Kellen Dunham after an impressive freshman season. Without another scorer on the perimeter, it will be difficult for Dunham to get openings and high percentage shots.

That is where Brown comes in. Brown can loosen the defense not only for Dunham, but also other shooters and big men like Khyle Marshall, Erik Fromm, and newly minted outside threat Nolan Berry. Brown will be an important piece for the young Bulldogs, a team that has six freshman and just two seniors.

Brown could be used in a number of roles throughout the season. He may be destined for the starting lineup, in the place of Roosevelt Jones at the small forward position, but could also be used off the bench to provide energy and an instant scoring threat, in the mold of a Jamal Crawford, who has become famous for this in the NBA.

Whatever role Brown finds himself in, he will certainly be prepared. The son of Cleveland Cavaliers' coach Mike Brown, Elijah knows his way around the basketball court. He has seen professionalism his entire life during his father's coaching experience in the NBA. There is no doubt he will conduct himself well both on and off the court.

Something Butler fans have become accustomed to from their players. Especially their star players, which Brown may be well on his way to becoming.

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