What We Learned: North Dakota vs Butler

Butler took down North Dakota 79-64. InsideTheDawgPound takes a look back at what we learned.

INDIANAPOLIS (IN) - Butler took down North Dakota 79-64. InsideTheDawgPound takes a look back at what we learned.

Practice needed against pressure

Butler turned it over a season high 17 times against North Dakota. While the high turnovers may be correlated to the time on the floor for the reserves for Butler, it is slightly concerning.

While the reserves being on the floor could be an excuse, there were times when starting point guard Alex Barlow was on the court and Butler still looked rattled against the pressure of North Dakota.

For Butler fans it brought back memories to last season when Butler struggled against the pressure of VCU and never had a chance against the Rams.

Butler is going to need to make sure that they have their press-break down when they enter Big East play. If schools learn that Butler cannot handle the pressure, there will be a lot of full court pressure in the Bulldogs future.

Dunham can be an elite scorer

Watching Kellen Dunham is a thing of beauty. He scored in a variety of ways against North Dakota and continues to show that he is an elite scorer in the Big East. Dunham connected on layups, three pointers, long range and mid-range jumpers, and even a fade away turn around jumper on the baseline.

After 29 points against North Dakota, Dunham is now averaging 19.1 points per game this season, which ranks 2nd in the Big East behind Creighton's Doug McDermott (25.3) and 70th in the country.

One of the reason's why Dunham's stats will continue to rank high in the Big East is his free throw shooting and three point potential. If Dunham is fouled and heads to the line he is going to make at least one and probably two free throws. Dunham connected on 6/6 from the free throw line and is consistently Butler's best free throw shooter.

The sophomore has connected on 15 of his last 16 free throws and has now hit the twenty point mark in three of his last four games.

Free throw shooting continues to improve

The free throw shooting woes seem like a thing of the past. Butler has began to improve their shooting. While it wasn't as good against North Dakota, the Bulldogs continue their steady climb.

Butler is now shooting 65.6% from the charity stripe. The Bulldogs still rank low at 283rd in the country, but the improvement is steady as Butler shot well during the Old Spice Classic.

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