Longson Eager to Meet Motekiai Langi

Kieffer Longson was one of the crown jewels of the BYU 2015 signing class. At 6’7”, 300 pounds the four-star athlete turned down defending national champions Ohio State, among other schools, to sign with BYU. While Longson is a big recruit, both in stature and in ability, he isn’t BYU’s biggest. That title is reserved for 6’7”, 410-pound Motekiai Langi who Longson is eager to meet on the field.
February 13, 2015

BYU Signs the Tongan Mountain

On the island of Tongatapu there are no mountains. It’s an island as flat as a proverbial pancake. The BYU coaching staff signed a mountain of a young man from Tonga by the name of Motekiai Langi. With no pun intended, Langi, at 6’7”, 410-pounds, was the biggest secret of the 2015 recruiting class.
February 5, 2015