LDS Quarterback Breaks Touchdown Record

There have been a lot of very good LDS quarterback prospects that have come out in recent years, and a junior quarterback from Desert Ridge High School in Arizona appears to be the next such prospect. He is making some early noise and gaining some attention from big-time programs in different conferences.

As a sophomore, quarterback Parker Rasmussen put up some good numbers at 5A Highland High School. He has since transferred to 5A Desert Ridge High School and hasn't missed a beat.

"Now each game I'm getting more smoother with the offense," said Rasmussen. "At first the offense was a little bit complicated, but now I'm getting better and better with more experience. For that third game, it just started clicking for me and we started rolling and everything started hitting on all cylinders. It was good."

Against Corona Del Sol, Rasmussen put up some eye-popping numbers.

"The third game of the season I threw six touchdowns and ran for a seventh touchdown," Rasmussen said. "We watched a lot of film on them and it was the most film I've ever watched. It was just a lot of preparation and our receivers watched a lot of film as well, so we were all on the same page."

Rasmussen's air raid could have been worse for Corona Del Sol if not for the fact that Rasmussen suffered a concussion at the end of the third quarter.

"I didn't play for the rest of the game," he said. "I think my final stats were I passed for 320 yards. My first-half stats I passed for five touchdowns and ran for one with 290 yards in that first half, and then in the third quarter we just kind of ran the ball mostly. I did pass for one more touchdown in the third quarter."

Rasmussen received Player of the Week honors for his performance, a performance that turned out to be a record-breaking one.

"I think I broke the 5A-1 state record," Rasmussen said. "I think the record was for the most touchdown passes in a game, and then the rushing touchdown was just on top of that.

"My coach [Jeremy Hathcock] called me last Sunday night and told me that I broke the state record. He was pretty excited, especially because it wasn't against a lower level team. It was against a team that had guys with a lot of Division I offers on it. They're projected to make the state playoffs and are known for being a good defense.

"To do that against a solid team was just exciting, but you have to put that stuff aside. I tried to push that out of my mind and just focus on the next game. If those things happen, it happens. I just have to stay focused because the most important thing to me are wins and losses."

The following game, Rasmussen did get into the game but played sparingly.

"I got cleared to play but I was only allowed to play a certain amount of plays," Rasmussen said. "I only got to play one series in the first half and we went down and scored on that one series. Other than that I didn't play more than that due to my concussion from the last game we played. In the second half I finished up pretty strong and had some long plays. It was hard because I wasn't able to practice all week."

The game was a 25-24 loss to Highland, Rasmussen's old team.

"It was a good game," Rasmussen said. "I threw for two touchdowns and had around 121 yards. If I was able to play the entire game I might have had another 300-plus-yard game.

Rasmussen's next game is against Marcos de Niza High School.

"Yeah, they're ranked third in the state for 5A-2 and are our conference rival, and they beat this Desert Ridge team last year," Rasmussen said. "It's kind of like a revenge thing now and both teams are really hyped up for this next game. There's going to be tons of media there and it's going to be a big deal. I'm getting myself super prepared for this game. I'm going to go watch some more film later on."

Although it's early in his junior year, Rasmussen has already received some recruiting interest.

"Yeah, there's been a lot of schools recently," Rasmussen said. "I got some from Northwestern University, Boise State, Oregon State and Oregon. Both Oregon State and Oregon have sent me an email saying that if I'm ever up in Oregon for me to come up and watch some of their games. They said they have tickets for me for that if I'm ever up that way. The recruiting stuff is starting to pick up the past few weeks, so I'm pretty excited.

Currently BYU is the school of Rasmussen's choice. On Tuesday he received an email from BYU coach Paul Tidwell.

"He and Coach Doman want me to send them some game film. I'll see if I can get that to them. Coach Doman said he wanted to see me at the next BYU summer camp and said he wanted to work with me and to get him my film as soon as possible. I've been talking to Coach Tidwell through emails the last few weeks or so. That's been really exciting for me."

Needless to say, Rasmussen is excited about the recent recruiting attention he's received.

"Yeah, I'm really ecstatic," he said. "All of this hard work after all of these years working with a quarterback coach and everything is now finally paying off. I have an awesome team now and everyone is working hard and it's been really great for me."

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