Cougar Curve: TCU 31, BYU 3

The final score shouldn't have surprised anyone, as TCU simply seems to have BYU's number. This Cougar team however is a young and developing team which showed some good signs on defense while being completely stalemated on offense. Grades are in for every position group.

Quarterback: C-

Jake Heaps simply didn't have a good game. Robert Anae opened it up a wee bit for him during the second half, but it didn't yield dividends, as the Cougar passing game simply couldn't get the ball downfield.

The coverages were extremely tight throughout the game, which forced him to make some ill-advised throws. Fans should not be frustrated completely with Heaps and the passing game, considering how the passing game fared against TCU the past two seasons.

Running Backs: B

The running backs were again the best part of the offense, with both J.J. Di Luigi and Bryan Kariya having some good production. The running game started to see daylight in the second half, but it was far too late by that time to really matter.

Wide Receivers: D-

I've never seen a BYU football game where the Cougar wideouts were less of a factor than they were on Saturday. There are no plays being made by this group and the offense is suffering as a result.

TCU seemed to have a beat on whatever routes were being run and the receivers were clearly frustrated by that. There wasn't even a sniff of downfield production by this group, much less production underneath the coverages that TCU presented.

Tight Ends: C-

One can transcribe what was said about the wideouts and apply it to this group for the most part. The one shining spot was Austin Holt and his run-blocking, but this group is nowhere to be found in the realm of making plays.

Offensive Line: C+

It was a bit of a tale of two halves for this group, as they fared much better with both their run-blocking and pass-blocking during the second half. Too many one-on-one battles were being lost, which is somewhat the norm against an extremely talented TCU front seven.

Defensive Line: B

Vic So'oto had an outstanding game, showing very well in containment and in making plays throughout the game, particularly during the first half. Eathyn Manumaleuna saw more time and really helped to minimize a TCU running attack, holding them way below their average for the year.

Linebackers: B+

I'm going to go ahead and include Andrew Rich with this group, as the 3-5-3 formation they ran most of the game had him playing linebacker for most of his reps. Rich was simply outstanding throughout the game in both run support and pass coverage.

Both Shane Hunter and Brandon Ogletree got the majority of reps at inside linebacker and fared well. The edges were accounted for well by both Jadon Wagner and Kyle Van Noy, and overall it was an above-average performance by the linebackers across the board.

Safeties: C

Carter Mees was a surprise in getting into the regular defensive rotation, and he fared well until being forced to leave the game with any injury. There were a few gaffes in coverage after he left, which led to some big gains by the Horned Frogs.

Cornerbacks: B

Brandon Bradley again had some issues in run support, but overall played a very solid game. Brian Logan was very solid, as we've come to expect, although he did get beat by Jeremy Kerley on a couple of occasions. But, a lot of outstanding players get beat by Kerley every so often.

Special Teams: C

The kick coverages and returns were generally good, but the punting was simply unacceptable. Riley Stephenson is a scholarship player for a Division I football program and needs to start punting like it. His incredible inconsistency is hard to explain, and it's to the point where coaches should probably think about using Mitch Payne for punts.

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