Mendenhall Addresses the Media

Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall addressed the media today at his weekly media luncheon. Issues discussed were how to fix the team's offensive struggles, their upcoming game against Wyoming and their new series scheduled for Georgia Tech among other issues.

-On what the team can take away from the TCU game, "From a special teams standpoint, we learned against a very good returner that we need to be shored up in regards to coverage lanes. Possibly better coordination is needed to make sure that a very good returner doesn't have more space."

-He also touched on how important the kicking game is and field position is against a team such as TCU. He also felt that the defense was about 4 plays short of having an exceptional outing.

-Regarding the offensive lessons learned, "I think our identity is becoming clearer. If you look at just one drive in the third quarter and in what we had to do and how we had to do it against the higher quality of opponents. I would take that drive as a starting place for what might this team look like against the better teams if we would start all over again."

-He went on to express confidence in his offensive coaches citing that better execution is needed. He feels that the offensive staff is giving the offense plenty of opportunity to best execute, but that it's up to them to do so.

-On whether there will be changes within the offensive structure like there was with the defense following the Utah State game, "There's no way I can be more involved (with the offense.) I inserted myself with the defense because it was an area of expertise. I'm not an offensive mind. I don't think that I have a great handle on offensive football. I think it would only be detrimental for our team."

-He again reiterated his confidence in his offensive staff, but did mention that he's made it clear that he's looking for more production from them as a group.

-On the specific struggles the offense has been having, "I don't think it's due to a lack of effort, but of a lack of precision and position mastery. The routes and the effort I think are improving. The precision and the position mastery can certainly improve."

-He expressed optimism in the team getting it together and improving markedly going forward. The next five games feature some very weak opponents which should provide ample opportunity for the team to get going in all facets of becoming a good football team.

-He cited a lack of confidence in being the fundamental problem with the offense. Simple successes will work to improve that confidence more so than anything else.

-On the injury front, Carter Mees will undergo an MRI today to determine the extent of his injury. Jameson Frazier is likely to return for the Wyoming game while Jordan Pendleton looks to return following the bye week.

-He mentioned that the key to the Cougar offensive successes in year's past is a lot of different players touching the ball. That simply isn't happening with this year's offense and needs to improve. "It's easier for a defense to focus on just a few players rather than having to defend collective", he said.

-On Wyoming's offense, "They're very creative in trying to use their personnel. Carta-Samuels is very mobile and has the ability to create and they're aligning in some very unusual formations. They're trying to make sure you adjust correctly and if you don't adjust correctly, they'll take advantage of that. They like to attack the perimeter."

On playing Georgia Tech in the just-announced four-game series, "I'm excited about the series. I think it's reflective in scheduling philosophy in a nationwide approach. We have a great chance to play a good team home-and-home for four years in a part of the country where I think we can do a lot of good. So it will be fun."

-He mentioned that he's having more imput and conversation with athletic director Tom Holmoe in regards to scheduling the best opponents to accomplish their overall goals as a program.

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