Cougar Curve: BYU 25, Wyoming 20

The Cougars were clearly the better team, but had a tough time proving so on the scoreboard. In a game that shouldn't have been as close as it was, the Cougars held on for a victory. Grades are in for a game that saw some positives, but enough things to keep fans frustrated.

Quarterback: C

The training wheels were on Jake Heaps again, and then were tightened considerably after his interception. It was an interception that brought Wyoming back into the football game and had to be one of the more confusing throws ever tossed at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

To his credit, Heaps came back well from that throw in tossing a gorgeous touchdown pass to Luke Ashworth, which should have effectively ended the ballgame. He showed an incredible arm and potential yet again, but did struggle with his accuracy on short underneath passes once again.

Heaps was again fraught with too many drops from his targets, but did show improvement from his last two outings nevertheless, which is important. Heaps should continue to improve with every game from here on out.

Running Backs: B

Bryan Kariya proved to be the most productive runner on the day. Joshua Quezada continued his improvement, which has led to increased work with every game. J.J. Di Luigi was spotty with his running, but did account for some good gainers leading to a very good 5.1 yards per carry.

Wide Receivers: C+

This was an enormous game for Luke Ashworth and his confidence. After dropping his first pass of the day, he came back strong and accounted for almost every yard made in the passing game, including a late touchdown.

McKay Jacobson came up gimpy after the first play and was held out for the rest of the game. None of the other wideouts did much of anything, which will certainly have to change during the next couple of outings.

Tight Ends: D

This group didn't assert itself and accounted for dropped passes once again, which has become the norm. It would be very encouraging to see one of the five rotating tight ends assert themselves by the end of the season, as the lack of a go-to tight end is killing the passing game.

Offensive Line: A-

They had an outstanding game in dominating the line of scrimmage from the first snap until the last. The only times Heaps was pressured was when he held the ball too long, as the pass-blocking was close to flawless throughout the afternoon.

Defensive Line: B+

It was another very good outing from the Cougar defensive front, as Vic So'oto once again proved to be one of the best playmakers on the entire defense. Jordan Richardson has fared very well as the primary nose tackle since Romney Fuga's season-ending injury, and Matt Putnam showed well in spots.

Linebackers: B+

Kyle Van Noy was the best player on the field for the defense, making play after play and looking like the second-coming of Bryan Kehl. He sealed the victory for BYU with a huge pass knockdown as Wyoming was threatening to score late in the game.

Jameson Frazier came back and fared very well, while Jadon Wagner again provided good play from the Will position. On the inside it was Shane Hunter and Brandon Ogletree again getting almost the entirety of reps at the Mike and Buck positions, respectively.

The linebackers were solid throughout most of the game, but did show some gaffes in gap-containment late in the game, which contributed to Wyoming making a game of it. Overall, this group continues to see as much improvement as any position on the team.

Safeties: B

Andrew Rich was simply outstanding once again. He's truly one of the best safeties ever to play at BYU and is making a strong argument that he's the best safety this team has fielded since Aaron Francisco.

Travis Uale saw the majority of reps at free safety, and although he missed some tackles and took some bad angles, he showed a lot of improvement since his first outing on the year.

Cornerbacks: A-

Both Brian Logan and Brandon Bradley proved to be outstanding in coverage and very good in run support. Logan did bite too much on a short route, which led to Wyoming's lone touchdown pass, but overall he was just about flawless in coverage.

Corby Eason saw a lot of reps at boundary and fared at least as well as Bradley did.

Special Teams: B

Riley Stephenson had a good day in both punting and kickoffs, proving to be much more consistent than he has been in recent weeks. The kick returns were very good for the most part, but there were some lapses in kick coverage, which will be cleaned up during the bye week.

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