Weeks Breaks Arizona Record

Although he hasn't received a scholarship offer yet, Show Low High School wide receiver Josh Weeks has already broken one state record in career touchdowns. With one more game to go in the regular season, and four possible playoff games, he could also break another record.

So far on the season, Josh Weeks has had a great showing, even racking up 179 yards against Fountain Hills and 166 yards against Alchesay High School for the Show Low Cougars.

"I've had a great season so far," the 6-foot-4-inch, 190-pound Weeks said. "We're number two in the state in 3A right now and we're 8-1 with one more game left in the season."

Show Low's loss came against rival Blue Ridge, a team the Cougars will likely face again.

"We played our rival Blue Ridge last week and it was a big-time game," Weeks said. "We didn't pull it out though, but we'll see them in the state championship. They're ranked number one and we're ranked number two, so I'm sure we'll meet them again in the state title."

In the 36-18 loss to Blue Ridge, Weeks caught four passes for 102 yards and a touchdown, averaging 25.5 yards per catch. He also played on the defensive side of the ball, making nine tackles from his cornerback position.

"It was a pretty good game," Weeks said. "Down the stretch in the second half we had two picks and a fumble. You know, three turnovers just killed us and they took advantage of it. It's okay, I think we'll get another go at them."

So far on the season, Weeks has racked up 793 yards and 14 touchdowns on 38 catches. He recently broke the 3A Arizona state record for career touchdowns with 32, and still has another year of high school to add to his record total.

"I passed it up a couple of weeks ago and didn't really even know it happened until my uncle called me up," Weeks said about breaking the state record. "I guess he had been keeping tabs on it and he noticed I broke it and called me to let me know."

Having secured the 3A career touchdown record, Weeks is also close to breaking the state's season touchdown record as well.

"The season record is 17, and hopefully I can break that record too," he said. "I have 14 touchdowns on the season right now and we sill have one more game and then hopefully four more playoff games. I'm thinking we should be able to go all the way to the state championship game, so I'm hoping I can break that record too."

As mentioned earlier, Weeks also plays corner for the Cougars. At 6 feet 4 inches, he has to be one of the tallest pass defenders in the state.

"I used to play safety but got moved to corner last year, and so I'm player there now," said Weeks. "I have a pretty good amount of tackles and had one interception and a [78-yard] pick-six against Champ Davis from Round Valley. I don't know if you've heard of him, but BYU was looking at him earlier in the season. I know he's had a rough season though. He was at BYU's summer camp this past year and is a really good kid."

This season Weeks has recorded two interceptions, 30 total tackles and two pass deflections from his cornerback position.

"Yeah, most teams in 3A just run the ball," he said. "Really, only my team is a team that passes in this league."

At the college level, Weeks' skill sets are suited more for the offensive side of the ball. Despite not having received a scholarship offer yet, Weeks has received a lot of mail from colleges all across the country showing interest in him.

"I've gotten a lot of letters since September 1st. The main schools that have sent me mail are LSU, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, Nebraska, Notre Dame … LSU and then probably Oregon are the two top schools that have sent me the most mail."

Weeks, who is LDS, has also been in contact with BYU.

"I email Coach Tidwell every week or so," Weeks said. "I went up there for the San Diego State game a few weeks ago. I know that they're really busy with their season right now, so I don't expect a whole lot. I do keep in contact with Coach Tidwell."

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