Mendenhall Addresses the Media

After a well-timed bye week, the Cougars are set to prepare for a struggling UNLV team. On Monday head coach Bronco Mendenhall addressed his team's preparation for their upcoming game, as well as other topics.

-Mendenhall opened the press conference stating, "We're glad that the bye week is over and we're anxious to play football again. We had a great chance to let some of the younger players play and scrimmage and we had a chance to get healthier."

-He stated that he expects the offense to see a lot of progress this coming week after having focused on the fundamentals during the bye week. "I don't think you'll see leaps or bounds, but I do think you'll see some improvement."

-It's still uncertain whether Jordan Pendleton will return for UNLV, but he should definitely be good to go against Colorado State. McKay Jacobson practiced at the end of last week and is expected to play this week.

-Mendenhall stated that on average they lose four players per year due to academics, social issues or other issues, and that it doesn't differ much from other programs he's coached at.

-On further evaluation of coaches during the bye week, he said, "I think it's been very productive. I think we have a lot clearer idea on what has worked. At some point in the season, it's not that you give up on trying to be your ideal offense, but you have to acknowledge what are we doing and what we're doing well and what is realistic - not giving up on having the offense that we have had in the past, but getting a better idea of what we can do really well and adding bits and pieces of what we can do to it."

-He touched on recapturing the soul of the team on defense on how his intent was to get his players to work harder than they were. Schematically he believes the defense was very sound, but that they needed to invest more in regards to effort.

-On playing UNLV with the Rebels being a potentially dangerous and desperate opponent, he said, "Rather than the focus being so much on UNLV, the focus has to be on our team. They have some capable weapons and they're as capable, especially offensively, as Wyoming was and maybe more so. Nothing is coming easy to our team currently and I'd expect the same on Saturday."

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