Cougar Curve: BYU 55, UNLV 7

BYU finally looked like the team Cougar fans have grown accustomed to at LaVell Edwards Stadium. They romped over a very bad UNLV team the way one would expect on their way to a very easy victory. Grades are in and they're high across the board.

Quarterback: A-

Jake Heaps missed on a few passes, but wow, what a difference a bye week makes. Robert Anae took the training wheels off of him, and he responded very well. The deep ball was back in good fashion, as he proved to be a lot more accurate than he has been.

It was relayed to Heaps by coaches before the season started that they'd only open everything up until after the bye week, and we saw that Saturday. This game was not only huge for Heaps and his confidence, but for the entire offense, as it looked like the BYU offense of old.

Running Backs: B

The running was good for the most part, but not spectacular. There were a few drops out of the backfield that marred an otherwise very productive running attack. Joshua Quezada broke through with three touchdowns and could easily be considered the best BYU back during Saturday's game.

Wide Receiver: A-

Luke Ashworth looked like he did during fall camp for the second game in a row. McKay Jacobson was finally able to contribute effectively, while Cody Hoffman chipped in with a long touchdown pass. It was a very good outing from the Cougar wideouts overall.

Tight End: C+

There were too many drops from this unit once again, although they were much more of a factor in the overall offense than they have been. We're still waiting for one of them to step up and separate himself from the others.

Offensive Line: A

If you can find anything to dock them with in regards to an overall grade, then please note it on the board.

Defensive Line: A

They completely controlled the game from the first snap in making sure UNLV's offense looked as anemic as they did on the stat sheet. The nose tackle play was again very good, while young defensive ends such as Graham Rowley and Thomas Bryson got in a lot of quality reps.

Linebackers: A

They dominated the play during the game, with Jameson Frazier and Jadon Wagner making key plays early on that set the tone for the entire defense. Austen Jorgensen got most of the reps at Buck linebacker and responded very well.

Zac Stout and Aveni Leung-Wai both saw extended work for the first time in a while and did well with the reps they were given. Kyle Van Noy didn't have his usual playmaking game but was solid nevertheless, while Jordan Pendleton only saw spot duty in the first half.

Safeties: A-

This was probably the least involved I've seen Andrew Rich with the defense all season, which is a very good thing. Plays simply didn't get past the front seven for the most part.

There were some gaffes in coverage, particularly by Jray Galea'i, which led to UNLV's only score of the day. Overall, the front seven made things very easy for this unit.

Cornerbacks: A-

You could basically copy and paste what I said about the safeties and say the same thing about the corners. It was very nice to see Brian Logan get an interception on the first play from scrimmage, as the corners have been long in overall coverage but short in turnovers generated.

Special Teams: B+

The kick coverage was spotty, but other than that the special teams looked very good throughout the game. Notable performances were put forth by J.D. Falslev on punt returns and Cody Hoffman on kick returns.

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