Mendenhall Addresses the Media

Cougar head coach Bronco Mendenhall fielded questions from the media Monday during the weekly media breakfast session. Topics discussed were injuries, the team's offensive improvement and the upcoming game against Colorado State.

-Mendenhall's opening statement: "I think that our team is improving. I feel that we threw the football at a higher level and that there was more balance on the offense. I feel that the defense stayed consistent, that this team continued to play hard. Our intent is to now take that on the road against Colorado State with our next chance to improve."

-On the specific reasons why BYU was able to throw the ball more effectively against UNLV: "I'm withholding judgment until the next three weeks. I do think the bye week helped and I do think that the increased focus helped. I do think there was improvement, but certainly our opponent had something to do with that. Until our next game against Colorado State and then against New Mexico and Utah, I think we'll see how much of a step we took forward in this game."

-On Colorado State's ability to create five turnovers against SDSU, and on Colorado State in general: "They are deceptive as they've been before. There's a lot of slanting, a lot of angling and a lot of showing one coverage and spinning to another coverage. It looks to me as if they have more speed, and so I think they're playing a high level."

-Mendenhall also admired their balance on offense and how well Colorado State has fared with a young quarterback. He likened them a lot to San Diego State this season in regards to overall ability.

-On Colorado State's starting quarterback: "I feel that their starting quarterback is very similar to what Oregon State's was last year at a much earlier stage. He was at the tail end, and this quarterback is at his front end, but he's tall, he doesn't prefer to run it out of the pocket, and he has very good vision and he's strong."

-On winning on the road being the next step this team needs to make: "I think so. To make that more than what it is, I'm going to be very careful not to do. To make a phantom out of playing on the road that is something bigger than it is, is something I'm not going to do. To improve our team is what I'm going to continue to focus on."

-On maintaining prominence in the conference year after year: "I think it is difficult, not only year to year, but week to week. I think consistency is usually representative not only of a very clear direction of the program, but maintaining coaches and also recruiting to the strengths of that program."

-Marcus Mathews was announced as being out of the year after a freak injury that occurred during Saturday's game when he landed right on his back.

-He's not certain which tight end will emerge in Mathews' spot as the primary pass-catching option.

-Braden Hansen had an MCL sprain and could go this week against Colorado State. Mike Hague will be out of next week's game.

-On kick coverage performance: "We've lost a little momentum over the past three weeks. We actually made some changes this past week on specific kick placement to highlight what our kicker does best. It's not the players' fault, it's my fault because they're trying very hard. I need to design the scheme to allow the coverage to be more disperse from sideline to sideline instead of having the kicker kick it to a certain spot."

-He mentioned that opposing teams have locked on to what BYU is doing with regards to kick coverage and that he needs to adjust further to their adjustments.

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