Fear in the Pendleton Home

This past Sunday while playing against the Eagles, former BYU wide receiver Austin Collie suffered a big hit that left him crumpled on the turf. For BYU fans, seeing one of their former star players being carted off on a stretcher with his head strapped was difficult to watch. For Jordan Pendleton and his family, it was shear panic.

Cougar outside linebacker Jordan Pendleton and his family regularly watch the Colts so they can follow Austin Collie, Pendleton's brother-in-law, catch passes from Peyton Manning. After a violent hit this past Sunday left Collie motionless on the field, the Pendleton world briefly turned upside down.

"Yeah, we were in complete panic mode at the Pendleton house," said Pendleton, whose sister Brooke is married to Collie. "I was up at my house watching the game with my brother, my dad and mother. Then all of a sudden it just happened and we were just in shock. My mom was obviously the biggest drama queen out of all of us, but we were all really worried and he wasn't moving at all.

"We were all just hoping that all it was was just a concussion and nothing else because it was a pretty scary hit," continued Pendleton. "It was really scary for us to see him just laying there on the ground and not getting back up."

During that scary ordeal, the Pendleton family wasn't just thinking of Collie.

"My sister, she's eight months pregnant, and we just really worried about her and the baby," Pendleton said. "Our thoughts instantly turned to her and trying to keep her calm. That's all we could really think about trying to do."

Because she is close to giving birth, Brooke hadn't made the trip to Philadelphia.

"She was over at [Colts' tight end] Jacob Tamme's house watching the game with his wife, so she wasn't by herself and it was good that she had someone like her around to help her when this happened," said Pendleton.

"Thanks goodness she was over there, because usually she watches the games at their place by herself," he continued. "It was good she decided to go watch the game with someone else because of what happened. She was able to have someone there with her to calm her down after seeing Austin being carted off the field like that. She was going through a lot right then. It was really scary."

Naturally, Pendleton wanted to get in touch with Collie as soon as possible.

"I wanted to call him really badly but I waited a while," he said. "I knew he would have tons of people calling him. I sent him a text telling him I loved him and was hoping he was alright."

Pendleton was finally able to reach Collie by phone on Monday when he was doing better.

"I guess it was just a really bad concussion, and that's all they've been able to diagnose so far," said Pendleton. "He said he was feeling good, but then later during the day he started to get headaches and feeling a little nauseous and everything, but he's going to be alright. I don't think he'll play in this next game. He's going to have to go through some concussion tests before he sees the field again. We were a little worried, but now we know everything is going to be alright."

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