BYU 49, Colorado State 10

The Cougars were all but flawless for the second week in a row as they look to finish out strong. The score really wasn't indicative of how much of a blowout this game was, and grades are pretty high across the board as a result.

Quarterback: A

Jake Heaps again showed the ability to throw a gorgeous deep ball while being nails in completing out-patterns. He's looked as good as any quarterback in recent memory over the last two games and hopefully that will continue.

He wasn't perfect, but he's come to the point where we can nit-pick his performances a bit considering how good he's been otherwise. There's little reason to believe that this type of performance won't continue for Heaps, as he looks very settled into what BYU is doing currently with their playcalling.

Running Backs: A-

Some inspired efforts by both Bryan Kariya and J.J. Di Luigi got them going early, with Joshua Quezada getting the bulk of the work as the game wore on. This trio was as effective as usual.

It was great to see David Foote and Ryan Folsom break off some big gainers, as they've done well in practice sessions. Zed Mendenhall continued to be the unsung hero of the backfield, although he did contribute with a well-deserved touchdown run.

Wide Receivers: A-

Luke Ashworth had a great game, as he's emerging as Heaps' go-to guy on the outside. It was great to see him make a play on an underthrown pass on one of his touchdown grabs, as it's a big thing to have receivers bail out the quarterback every once in a while.

McKay Jacobson was very quiet and one has to wonder if his hamstring was acting up again. Hoffman had a good game save for a fumble that ended BYU's first drive.

Tight Ends: B+

Devin Mahina and Mike Muehlmann did well in their role as the primary pass-catchers. Austin Holt and Richard Wilson were the blocking tight ends, and both fared well in springing runs around the edge.

Offensive Line: A

Heaps had all day to pass, and the offensive line owned the line of scrimmage for the second week in a row.

Defensive Line: A

They controlled the line of scrimmage from start to finish. Jordan Richardson went down with a knee injury late and hopefully he's okay, as he's done an incredible job manning the nose position since the Utah State game.

Linebackers: B+

Brandon Ogletree was the standout of the linebackers, with Shane Hunter giving a lot of reps to Zac Stout for whatever reason. Stout struggled initially with his increased reps, but improved a lot as the game wore on.

Jameson Frazier made some great plays on the edges, but did allow Colorado State to break containment on a few occasions. Both Kyle Van Noy and Jadon Wagner both contributed very good play from the Will position.

Safeties: A

Travis Uale had his best game, while Andrew Rich simply did what Andrew Rich does. The play was outstanding from the safeties all game long.

Cornerbacks: A

The play from Brian Logan was truly outstanding, but that has become the norm for him here of late. Brandon Bradley and Corby Eason both showed very well on the boundary side of the football.

The defensive backs and linebackers did an outstanding job in jumping the numerous slip screens the Rams threw at them. This defense is playing about as well as any defense in the country here of late.

Special Teams: A

Riley Stephenson was very good and consistent in his kickoffs and didn't get a single chance to punt, which is never a bad thing. The kick coverages and returns were very solid throughout the game.

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