Cougar Curve: BYU 40, New Mexico 7

The game wasn't very pretty, but the outcome was an expected one as BYU romped over a bad New Mexico team. Grades are in for every position group.

Quarterback: B

Jake Heaps got off to a slow start, missing on a lot of the passes he threw so well over the past two weeks. The wind bothered a lot of deep throws, but the important thing here was how he finished.

The passing game in the second half was far better as Heaps settled down a bit and spread the ball around well. It's not unusual to see a BYU offense struggle a bit with a Lobo defense that always seems to give them a bit of trouble.

Running Backs: A-

Joshua Quezada saw the bulk of the work and did extremely well, averaging just more than 7 yards per carry. Both Bryan Kariya and J.J. Di Luigi were very effective as well in a running game that completely ran down the Lobo front.

Wide Receivers: B+

McKay Jacobson wasn't much of a factor and one has to wonder if his hamstring issues are persisting. Cody Hoffman had his best game to date, while Luke Ashworth putt together a quiet but effective outing.

Tight Ends: A-

This was by far the best outing for the tight ends collectively. It was very nice to see Austin Holt get involved in catching a pass, while Devin Mahina clearly had his best outing of the year.

Mike Muehlmann contributed a very nice catch early along with some good blocking. The studs on the line were again Holt and Richard Wilson, who both provided very good lanes for the running backs.

Offensive Line: A-

They completely owned the line of scrimmage throughout the game, but did have a couple of false start penalties and gaffes in pass protection. Overall they were outstanding once again.

Defensive Line: B

The loss of Jordan Richardson clearly affected this group, as New Mexico proved more able in running the ball than most expected. They otherwise did fine, however, earning themselves a high grade.

Linebackers: B

They were solid, but perhaps not as spectacular as they have been in recent weeks. A couple of bad angles were taken on some long runs, but otherwise, they provided very solid play.

Cornebacks: B-

Brandon Bradley and Corby Eason were both very solid throughout, but it was Brian Logan who uncharacteristically struggled in defending some long passes.

Safeties: A-

Travis Uale continues to improve with every game, while Andrew Rich was simply Andrew Rich again. Rich certainly deserves consideration as being the best safety to ever pass through the program given the level of play he's provided over the past couple of seasons.

Special Teams: B-

Riley Stephenson had a good game, but the kick coverage had another subpar outing. Next week they'll have to improve on this, as Utah's Shaky Smithson can beat any kick coverage at any given time.

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