BYU gets under-the-radar local commit

The recruiting process was a relatively short one for a top athlete right in BYU's backyard. Matt Sumsion is someone with some solid BYU football blood running through his veins, and he'll look to emulate the impact that his uncles had while at BYU.

Matt Sumsion is a 6-foot-8-inch, 210-pound athlete who was recruited as such following a seven-on-seven high school competition held over the summer. Up to that point, playing Division I football wasn't exactly a realistic thought for him.

"I play all sorts of sports. I play basketball, baseball and other sports, but really didn't focus on football or even play much until this past year. During that seven-on-seven competition at BYU, I guess I impressed them with my athleticism, but they told me that they wanted to see how I liked to hit before offering."

Cougar coaches kept close tabs on Sumsion throughout the season. He played on both sides of the football, seeing action at tight end and defensive end. In playing most of the downs at those position, he soon learned that he did like to hit.

This shouldn't have come as any surprise considering who his uncles are.

"Bart Oates, Brad Oates and Barry Oates are all my uncles, so it's a great thing that I'll be able to follow them and play for BYU," he explained. "I know that they all loved BYU and I've grown up always wanting to go there, so this will be a great opportunity to be sure."

Sumsion could very well end up playing offensive lineman for the Cougars, but for right now is being considered as either a tight end or a defensive end prospect.

"They talk to me mostly about playing tight end," he related. "I'm leaving for a mission right out of high school, so we'll just see how it works out after that. We'll see if I get bigger and how much bigger, and then decide. I'm open to playing any position for them."

The easiest comparison to Sumsion of the existing Cougar 2011 class commits would be Timpview's Colby Jorgensen. They're both freak athletes with huge wingspans, and both could play a variety of positions while at BYU.

"I'm a little taller than Colby I think and have a bit of a bigger wingspan," Sumsion said, having gone against Jorgensen plenty of times on the hardwood. "We each hold our own playing basketball, I think, but he's an incredible athlete for sure. I think he can jump a bit higher than me, but yeah, I think we're pretty similar athletically."

Jorgensen recently was one of the top all-around athletes at the Nike Combine nationally this past summer. Subsequently, being compared to him in a pure athletic sense speaks volumes in regards to Sumsion's overall ability.

Not having gone through the camps or even playing much before his senior season, Sumsion was very much an unknown commodity. Some local schools did serve notice toward the end of the season, including Weber State, Utah State and Southern Utah. But other than that, he flew almost completely below the radar.

However, BYU followed up its earlier interest in Sumsion by extending him an offer this past Monday. While most recruits stew at least a bit over their decision to commit, Sumsion hardly took that long.

"Right when they offered me I committed instantly," he explained. "BYU is the perfect place for me. It's a great place to be in a good environment and a great way to honor my family and keep that tradition going. I like having the opportunity to stay in Utah and play with others that are from this area. I've just always loved BYU, and now having the opportunity to play for them is just a perfect situation for me and I couldn't be happier."

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