Chad Lewis joins BYU's administration

Cougar fans remember the many thrilling catches former BYU tight end Chad Lewis made as he leapt over defenders and scored touchdowns. As an NFL tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, Lewis scored two touchdowns in the 2004 NFC Championship game, sending the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Now Lewis has been hired on at BYU to help in promoting the mission of the university.

Chad Lewis has been hired as BYU's associate athletic director for development.

"I think it's going to be a great thing and I'm excited to be there," Lewis said.

Energized and excited, Lewis will work to promote BYU.

"My role will be to share the vision of BYU athletics and BYU in general with fans of BYU, with opponents of BYU and with the whole world," said Lewis. "We're going to share to the whole world the vision of what BYU is trying to do, and we're going to invite people to come on board and join the team."

Along with sharing the BYU vision, Lewis will also make an effort to garner financial support for the athletic department.

"I'm going to help raise money for the athletic program," Lewis said. "Nothing good happens without tons of effort, nothing good happens without enthusiasm, and nothing on that scale happens without the financial resources to make it happen. So I want to help raise those resources to help share the vision to the world of what BYU is trying to do."

As a former NFL ambassador to Asia, Lewis brings vast experience to BYU's administration. He grew and learned much through his experiences as a representative of the NFL, and will be able to draw upon many of those experiences now that he is back in the Cougar fold.

"To be able to articulate the feelings that I feel for football and everything in Chinese with the Chinese people took a lot of work," said Lewis. "It was also a great experience to represent the NFL in several countries like Taiwan, Singapore, China, Thailand, Korea and America. That was a great experience where I learned to speak appropriately and to share the vision in a manner that was worthy of my hire."

On Tuesday night, Lewis was in attendance at a Christmas dinner held for the BYU coaches, their wives, and athletic administrators at the Marriott Center.

"It was awesome," said Lewis. "Coach Mendenhall was there and Coach LaVell Edwards was there. I was just one of the many just enjoying a great night."

Also in attendance was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Holland also served as BYU's president in the past.

"Elder Holland was honored by BYU for being a great president and a great friend to the athletic department," said Lewis. "He was a constant fan and came to all the games and he was so present that BYU honored him."

During the celebration, Elder Holland addressed those in attendance.

"He came down and spoke to all the coaches and it was just one of those great inspirational nights," Lewis humbly said. "Elder Holland spoke and said, 'When those tough times come and you want to quit, then fight to stick it out. Focus all of your energy for that one moment in time and do it, and do it as best you can.' He related the experience of overcoming difficult challenges in life to that of football."

It's certain that as Chad Lewis goes forth in an effort to promote and share the values of BYU sports, the words of Elder Holland will ring in his ear like the bells of Christmas.

"I'll be around all the time now," Lewis said. "I'll be around there as much as I can doing what I can. I'm excited and it's going to be awesome!"

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