Comer to Accept Preferred Walkon Spot

Ryan Comer is a Division I quality athlete, but BYU is very lucky to be able to receive his services as a preferred walkon. Total Blue Sports learned that Comer informed BYU of his decision last night.

Ryan Comer is a 6-foot-2-inch, 205-pound safety prospect from Snow College. He received a lot of interest from several Division I programs, but spurned scholarship offers to walk-on at BYU.

He'll enroll at BYU for next semester and will have the opportunity to participate in spring practices. He'll compete for the starting strong safety spot and may get looks as a free safety.

"It's a great opportunity for me to come in and compete right away," said Comer. "I've watched BYU closely and I know the situation at strong safety with Andrew Rich graduating and it will be my goal to compete for that starting spot."

The comparisons to Andrew Rich are natural given Comer's size and other attributes, as well as the fact that Comer is a preferred walkon. Comer, however, shies away from those comparisons.

"Andrew Rich is a legend here at Snow for obvious reasons," he related. "If I could come close to being the player he was at BYU, then that would be great, but I hate to compare myself to such a great player when I haven't even practiced with BYU at this point."

Comer said his strongest attributes are his ability to read the quarterback, his overall coverage skills and his open-field tackling.

While at BYU he'll join with his good friend Preston Hadley, along with his cousin Cameron Comer, who will be returning from his mission here soon. While he had scholarship offers from other schools, it was the social and spiritual environment at BYU that won Ryan Comer over.

"I already have great friends there and BYU is just a special place," Comer said. "In the end that's why I decided to walk on the team at BYU. They just had so much more to offer as far as environment and academics."

Comer will major in broadcast journalism while at BYU.

He originally hails from the Cedar Hills area in Utah County, where his family were unabashed Cougar fans.

"I was born a BYU fan," Comer said. "It's hard not to be a BYU fan coming from a family like mine. I've always dreamed of playing for BYU, so to have this opportunity now is what I've always hoped for."

Like most, Comer is aware of the massive changes that it appears will occur on the offensive coaching staff. While it doesn't necessarily effect him as much as a player on offense, he views what head coach Bronco Mendenhall is doing as a positive.

"I think the changes are exciting because Bronco has already proven so capable of making the right changes for the program," he observed. "I have complete confidence in him as a head coach, so when he makes big changes, I have complete confidence that it's going to be for the betterment of the program."

One thing that has added significantly to the betterment of BYU's program is the quality of walkon talent they're able to attract. With Comer, they'll continue in the tradition of fielding great walkon talent.

"BYU is a great place for walkons, probably more so than any other school," said Comer. "You look at their history of walkons getting scholarships and how they treat them. I don't think I could be in a much better situation than I will be at BYU."

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