Troy Hinds Wants To Be Absolutely sure

Hinds, one of the top defensive end prospects in the 2012 class, is carefully weighing his options.

Troy Hinds is a defensive end listed as the top defensive end in the west by MaxPreps who ranks him as a Top 100 national prospect for the 2012 class. Hinds is also listed among the top 150 watch list on ESPNU for the class of 2012. With 10 current offers on the table, the four star prospect out of Davis High School is preparing for track in the hopes he can get his 4.65 speed down and beat his personal 100-meter best. He also wants to be sure he chooses the right school.

Last season, Hinds was playing basketball for the Davis Darts. This year he's going to focus more on track for the purpose of getting faster as a football player.

"Right now we just started practicing for track," Hinds said. "I didn't do it last year because I was playing basketball, but so far it's been a lot of fun and I like it. Outdoor track deals with a lot more speed stuff, so that's good for me because I want to get a little bit faster."

Hinds, who comes in at around 6-4 or 6-5 and weighs in at around 225-30 pounds, did rather well last year in track competing against smaller competition.

"Last year I won region and then I did alright in state," he said. "This year I want to do better in state, definitely. Last year my fastest time was 11.3 in the 100-meters."

Although his goals for track aren't set in stone, Hinds does want to beat his former 100-meter best of 11.3. To do that he'll be training with Paul Putnam who is the owner of BASICS Sports Medicine and partnered with Weber State University.

"I haven't set goals on my times yet, but I do want to get a little faster," said Hinds. "Right now I would say that I want to get under an 11.3 because I haven't done that yet. I like to get into the 11.2 or 11.1 range if I can. I just want to do a lot of speed workouts to get there pretty much. I've just been working out with school stuff and then later on I'll start working out at BASICS with Paul Putnam up at Weber State. Paul's awesome."

Possessing a current 3.7 GPA and an Eagle Scout, Hinds as a sophomore was nominated as an all-state, all-area and all-region defensive end selection. In regards to football, Hinds feels he's grown more as a player over the past year having a greater understanding of the game.

"It was a good season for me and it was a lot different than last year, but I'm not sure what my stats are right now because I haven't looked at them for quite awhile," Hinds said. "I felt like I had a really good season though and have grown a lot since last year.

As a junior, Hinds totaled 58 tackles from the defensive end position while recording 7.5 sacks for a combined 50 yards of total yards lost. As a tight end, Hinds was used mostly as a blocker but did record one catch on the season for 18 yards.

"I didn't play as much tight end this year but I think next year that's going to change," Hinds said. "At least I think so. There's a lot of good kids at Davis that can play tight end, too. I would like to play tight end though. I've talked a little with my coaches about that and mostly I've just gone in to block and stuff like that. This year I did get a few more balls thrown to me, so next year I hope to have a little more."

But what about college coaches? What have they said about Hinds possibly playing tight end at the next level?

"Some college coaches have said they would prefer tight end or defensive end, but most have said defensive end because they haven't seen me play much tight end," said Hinds. "BYU said they would try me out at tight end."

Playing tight end at BYU is the dream of many. BYU has established a great tight end tradition from over the years, and Hinds has no qualms about possibly playing the position at BYU once he returns home from serving a mission.

"I think it would be fun and wouldn't mind," he said. "I've haven't really played it much, but hopefully this year I'll get a better feel for it to see how I like it."

Currently Coach Doman is the Cougar coach responsible for the recruitment of Hinds, and he's grown very fond of BYU's assistant quarterback's coach.

"Coach Doman is the one recruiting me and everything is going good," Hinds said. "I love him a lot and he's doing good, I think. He's recruiting me pretty hard as well as Utah, Stanford, Nebraska and UCLA."

So what are his thoughts about Utah, Stanford, Nebraska and UCLA? Hinds is keeping his cards close to his vest.

"I like them all because I'm not really leaning towards a school right now," Hinds said. "I like them all because they've all offered me."

Hinds did admit, however, that there was one college that he was favoring. However in order to make sure a right decision is made he's going to keep everything on a level playing field until he knows for sure. He'll take his trips, weigh the pros and cons of those offered universities, and then make a final decision based on a confirmation through prayer.

"Yeah, that's kind of how I feel, exactly," Hinds said. "I just want to keep every door open right now. I don't want to shut any doors. I just want to keep it all equal right now until the time comes."

In regards to a time frame on when he'll announce his decision, Hinds will know once he's gone through the evaluation process. Although cautious and thorough, Hinds has thought about possibly making a decision prior to next season if he is 100 percent sure the decision is the right one.

"I don't know and haven't really set a time," Hinds said. "I just want to know for sure where I want to go. I don't want to second guess myself and just want to know 100 percent. I have thought that it would be nice going into my senior season not worrying about all the recruiting stuff. If I don't know by then than I'm not going to pull the trigger on anything. My main thing is just knowing for sure. I don't want to feel that I should have done this or I should have done that. I just want to know for sure."

When asked the question, "How many offers do you have?" Hinds replied, "I don't know." It just goes to show that he's not really interested in getting caught up in the hype that surrounds the recruiting process. Hinds would rather stay humble, focused and grounded."

"I just try not to worry about it," Hinds said. "I don't want it to go to my head, so. I really don't keep track of how many offers I have."

For the record, Hinds has 10 current offers from Arizona, ASU, BYU, Colorado, Nebraska, Stanford, UCLA, Utah, Washington state and Weber State. It's a long and impressive list of offers.

He did, however, watch BYU play UTEP in the New Mexico Bowl and thought the Cougars were "sweet!"

"Yeah, that was way sweet!" said Hinds. "I thought it was really sweet the way BYU dominated in the game. The jumped out early and never let up. It was sweet. I think the offense is starting to find its identity with Jake Heaps."

One reason Hinds watched the Cougars is that he admits to being a fan of his church college, BYU.

"Yeah, definitely," Hinds said. "I just like what their values are and what they have to offer with the school and church. I just like it a lot."

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