Doman, Poppinga Talk About New Jobs

Shortly after Brandon Doman and Kelly Poppinga were announced as BYU's new offensive coordinator and outside linebackers coach respectively, they and Coach Mendenhall took questions from the media.

- Bronco Mendenhall stated, "My job as head coach is to continue to look for ways to improve our program. I'm not willing to accept any ceiling on our program as what's possible and what isn't possible. I've made some decisions with our program that have been difficult, but what I think have been the right decisions in moving forward."

- Mendenhall mentioned that there is no timeframe as to when the other assistants will be named, as the evaluation process is ongoing.

- He went on to state, "I'm very excited and completely optimistic and have complete confidence in the two coaches that I've named today. As a player Brandon Doman was exceptional, having coached against him, but the past six years he's earned my trust. I know that he's absolutely capable of helping our program. Our team believes in him, I believe in him and I'm excited to watch him as he grows and develops and leads our offense."

- On Poppinga, he said, "He was a full-time coach that was really a graduate assistant coach at the same time. Kelly did a great job of leading our defense as a player when I was the coordinator here. He was absolutely exceptional in leading our defense down the stretch. He knows exactly how to play the spot and he knows exactly what I want as a head coach. He demands that from his players and they love him because of it."

- Brandon Doman's opening comments: "I just can't be more excited to do this and to be associated with this university. As a former student-athlete here and now as a football coach, everything that has transpired over my six years as an assistant coach here at BYU to be associated in particular with Coach Mendenhall and with Coach Anae, I'm grateful to these two men. They‘ve had a great impact on me and on my life."

- He expressed gratitude to the players and confidence in them for who they are, and also expressed in the players that are coming in. He termed the opportunity to be an offensive coordinator as both "mind-boggling" and "humbling."

- On the assumption that he'd eventually obtain this spot: "Nothing was giving to me, but I've prepared like crazy. Anyone who wants to be a great football coach watches and learns and writes things down and is constantly trying to become better. That's what I've done over the last six years. To say that I'm going to be a good offensive coordinator now, that's going to be dependant on a lot of things. It's certainly not going to be because Brandon Doman is a great offensive coordinator, but that as a group, we're going to be great."

- He flat out denied any other offers that he may have been considering.

- On his offensive philosophy: "It's going to be dependant on what the personnel is, on who is playing quarterback and what does our run game look like, what do our running backs do well. To sit here and say definitively on what the offense is going to look like, I've learned enough about football as a player and as a coach that you create the offense around the talent that you have. That will be sorted out over time within the next few months and deciding on what the players can do great and on what they can't do very well and then put together an offense that suits who we are and what we can do, hopefully better than anyone in the country."

"We have an awesome skeleton and an awesome foundation over the past 30 years, primarily a pass-based offense, but I would foresee us as being very balanced, but difficult to defend. If we're smart in how we do it, I'd like to see us both run and throw the football according to the talents that we have."

- He mentioned that the hiring of his offensive assistants will be a head-coaching decision. He'll certainly counsel with Mendenhall on those decisions, but said that they haven't traveled that far yet.

- He didn't sweat over his future over Christmas, as he was confident that if he wouldn't be coaching at BYU, he'd be coaching elsewhere. He did say, however, that he had no desire to coach elsewhere.

- On how his offense may differ from what Robert Anae did: "I don't know yet. I want to throw the football. I've grown up in these backwoods of BYU football and I've seen it at its very finest. I don't think you can throw the football very effectively if you don't run the ball well. The defense has to be guessing all the time and a good offense is an offense that puts the defense at bay all the time. I want defenses that go against our offenses to be guessing all the time and to be guessing wrong. We'll put together on offense that can hopefully do that."

- He mentioned that he loves the recruiting part about the job. He does not believe that being an offensive coordinator will take away from the time he's able to spend recruiting. He went on to mention that when the offer came to be coordinator at BYU, he accepted it very quickly knowing what he wanted to do and where he wanted to be. He stated that he'd be "crazy" not to take this opportunity.

- On what he learned from Coach Anae: "He was a great strategist and a great offensive coach. The discipline he had as an offensive coordinator, his patience, there are things that he did so well. I'm not a real patient guy and he'd be more patient, so as I watched some of the things he did and how he dealt with players, it was fantastic. So I learned a lot."

- Kelly Poppinga's opening comments: "I'm thankful for all the opportunities everyone has given me and for the opportunities ahead of me. I've been mentored by great people here at BYU, by men like Coach Tidwell and Coach Mendenhall, and I'm really excited for what's ahead and really excited for the potential that this upcoming team has."

- On the improvement of play of the outside linebackers over the course of the year: "I don't think it was me personally. I just think it was the leadership given by Coach Mendenhall and it was the whole defense. I don't think it was just the outside linebackers. Something happened once [Mendenhall] took leadership of that defense and we're just excited to continue that on to next season."

- On his relationships with players: "If you ask Kyle Van Noy, Jameson Frazier, Jadon Wagner and the others, we just created a special bond. I was thinking that they'd be hopeful and I know that I was hopeful that I'd be back for next season to help them continue with their goals."

- He mentioned that the greater intensity and accountability in practices lead to the defense being so dominant against the run following the Utah State game. He cited his passion and love for BYU as being his greatest strength as a coach.

- Poppinga related that the conversation was extremely short when Mendenhall offered him the job. Mendenhall didn't say much other than he wanted him to have the job, and that he didn't have to think about it for even a second.

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