Olomua trips to BYU

Mesa High School's Aulelio Olomua, a 6-foot-4-inch, 235-pound defensive end and tight end prospect, visited BYU this past weekend on an official trip. He enjoyed the camaraderie of the recruits, ate a lot of food, attended the BYU vs. AFA basketball game and went snowmobiling, where he had a slight mishap. The question is did he commit to BYU while on his trip?

After arriving in Utah on Friday morning, Aulelio Olomua was picked up by Coach Tidwell. Along with other BYU recruits, they first went to go eat lunch.

After lunch the recruits split up, with some going snowmobiling and the others visiting the campus. Olomua was in the group that went to visit the school first. While there, he got to watch his host – and cousin – Famika Anae work out.

"They showed us around the campus. They took our group to the indoor practice facility and we watch the team workout. That place is huge and you can fit two jumbo jets in there. When we were there, that's when I saw Famika pop his Achilles tendon. During one of the drills he popped one of his Achilles and will have to have surgery. He'll be out for three months. It was crazy and I feel bad for him because of all the injuries."

While watching the team workout, Olomua was watching the outside linebackers and the defensive line workout.

"I was watching the outside linebackers and the defensive line work out," he said. "I was impressed, and the workout the team was doing was great. The reason why I was watching the outside linebackers and d-line is because Coach Tidwell said that if I go there, the position that they want me to play is more the outside linebacker position."

On Saturday Olomua and his group, which consisted of recruits Lene Lasetele, Alex Kuresa and Mosese Kaumatule, took their shot at riding the snowmobiles. That's when Olomua was involved in the snowmobile stunt of the day.

"It was crazy! That was my first time snowmobiling. Actually, it was the first time my whole group went snowmobiling. I was going around 60 miles per hour when I didn't see a sharp turn up ahead of me. On the other side was a steep crest that I didn't see. I flew off the side about 40 feet down. It was crazy and I thought I was going to die or something. It took about an hour to get both of our snowmobiles back up the hill. I have to say it was the highlight of the recruiting trip. It was a lot of fun."

Olomua wasn't the only recruit to have some issues with driving a snowmobile.

"After I went over the side, I looked back and saw Lene Lesatele flying over and flipping in the trees," recalled Olomua with a laugh. "It was crazy man! First I went over, and when I was done I looked back and saw Lene in the air flipping around. He hurt his shoulder though from hitting the trees. I was like, 'Holy crap man, I hope he's alright!' My cousin Famika told me that when he went, he and my other cousin Eathyn [Manumaleuna] both crashed into the trees."

There have been rumblings and reports that Olomua committed to BYU while on his trip over this past weekend. However, Olomua denies that he made any such commitment to BYU.

"No, I didn't commit at all," Olomua said. "Coach Kaufusi and Coach Tidwell wanted me to commit while I was there, but I didn't. Coach Kaufusi just told me straight up, 'Come to BYU.' BYU is still one of my top schools, but I still need to think about it."

If Olomua were to commit to BYU, he feels he'd be a candidate to play a few different positions.

"I would play defensive end, but I think they would put me outside at the outside linebacker position," Olomua said. "I think it's like a defensive end position."

In the 3-4 defense, the Will linebacker is sort of a defensive end/outside linebacker hybrid. This is possibly the position Olomua would play.

Olomua's uncle Robert Anae was BYU's offensive coordinator from 2005 to 2010. He recently accepted a position of the coaching staff at the University of Arizona. As it just so happens, Arizona may be interested in Olomua.

"[Anae] came over on Saturday and said [Arizona] isn't sure about offering me a scholarship," Olomua said. "He came over and kind of talked to me about that. They want to see some film and stuff."

In addition to his uncle now coaching for the Wildcats, Arizona is closer to home for Olomua.

"It's great man and I'm happy that he's over there," Olomua said about Anae being at Arizona. "It doesn't make me look down on BYU at all. It's just that I've always wanted to play for an Arizona school, but they didn't really notice me at all and didn't send me any letters or anything. Now that my uncle is there he put in a good word for me."

Olomua is taking a recruiting trip nto Arizona next weekend to visit the Wildcat campus.

"Like I said, I haven't committed to BYU, but it's one of my top choices. U of A hasn't offered me a scholarship yet, but I want to go down there and check out the atmosphere and see how the coaches are. I want to get a feel for how the players are and all that stuff."

While Arizona hasn't offered him a scholarship yet, Olomua feels there is a chance he could get an offer once he gives the coaches some of his high school film.

"When I played for Red Mesa High School I had around 23 sacks, and when I played for Mesa High School this past season I had around nine sacks playing in a 5A division. Playing at Mesa was a lot different than playing on the reservation."

"Arizona hasn't offered [Olomua] a scholarship yet, but he did a great job for us this past year," said Mesa High School head coach Vinnie Moore. "He had around nine sacks playing at this level of competition, and I think the highest sack leader in our division was 10 or 11."

Olomua is looking to choose his school here soon.

"I'll probably make a decision after the U of A trip and see if they offer me or not," Olomua said. "If not, then that's when I'll make my decision for BYU. "Now that my uncle Robert is at U of A, I kind of want to stay in Arizona and stay close to home and my family. I like the Pac-10 conference and it seems like it will help me better reach my goal of going into the NFL. If U of A offers me, then that's probably where I'm going to go. My uncle is there and I'm really close to him. Growing up, we always visited him and he's basically like a second father to me."

Olomua did admit that if Robert Anae was still at BYU, there would be no question which school he would have chosen. Olomua has a close sense of loyalty to his family, and that's to be expected.

"Yeah, because obviously if he was still there [at BYU] I would want to be there as well," Olomua said. "It's because of him that BYU even noticed me. However, if U of A doesn't offer me, then I'm going to commit to BYU."

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