Pulsipher enjoys BYU visit

When it came to getting a Division I scholarship, the road was long and difficult for middle linebacker Adam Pulsipher. Following a Nike Camp performance in which he was one of the top performers, Pulsipher received a coveted BYU offer prior to his final prep season when he would be named one of the top middle linebackers in Southern California.

This past weekend Adam Pulsipher took part in BYU's big recruiting extravaganza.

"The weekend was really cool and I was definitely impressed by the BYU coaching staff and everything they put together for us," Pulsipher said. "They did a great job for us."

Like all other recruits, Pulsipher got to whisk about snowy trails while riding snowmobiles this past weekend.

"I went on Friday and I think there were three groups that went up," "We had a lot of fun and there were some close calls in our group but no crashes. I know Lene [Lasetele] crashed in a different group. When they came back from snowmobiling we were at the basketball game. I'm just glad he's okay."

For Pulsipher, the highlight of the big recruiting weekend occurred Friday night when the defense was gathered together for a team meeting.

"They call it 'Friday night football,'" Pulsipher said. "We first met up in the team room and then we split off into the defensive meeting room as a defensive team. It was all about trust and effort and all that stuff more so than talent. They noticed that about midpoint in the season this past year. They just wanted guys that had bought into the system and were playing at BYU for the right reasons and [to] represent something more than themselves. That really hit home listening to Bronco talk about that."

While Stehly Reden was his roommate, Pulsipher's host was quarterback Riley Nelson. Nelson, who's friends with Adam's brother Andrew, shared some insight into college life, football and what it's like playing for Bronco Mendenhall.

"Riley Nelson was my host and he was friends with my brother Andrew," said Pulsipher. "He's a really good guy and we talked a lot about school, things to do up in Provo and buying into Bronco's program. He talked to me about why he came up to BYU from Utah State and about serving a mission. He said it just felt right about coming to BYU after he had served."

Of all the linebackers BYU recruited for the 2010 class, Pulsipher was among the tops in statistics despite facing tough competition and playing on both sides of the ball this past season for Temecula Valley High School. Offensively, Pulsipher rushed the ball 28 times for 224 yards and scored seven touchdowns. He also recorded five catches for 51 yards and one touchdown.

Defensively, Pulsipher shined even more. The 6-foot-2-inch, 230-pound middle linebacker recorded 126 tackles, two sacks, two fumble recoveries and hauled in three interceptions for 35 yards, which is no surprise. Even though he manned the middle, Pulsipher led all BYU recruits in interceptions and was the best cover linebacker – often matched up against wide receivers – at the invitation-only Nike Camp held at BYU this past summer.

"I thought our defense as a whole, we played a lot better," Pulsipher said. "We really trusted each other and our coaching staff did a great job of helping us develop that part of our game. That is one thing I love about Bronco Mendenhall and one reason why I can't wait to play for him and his defense – just the trust and how everyone bought into what he did to turn things around was amazing."

Off the field, Pulsipher is your prototypical All-American kid. But on the field, he'll hit you like an All-American no matter who you are. It's a lesson his friend Brad Jacobson found out while playing for Chapperal High School.

"They won CIF last year, and Brad and I are really good friends. We're always joking around and every time I would go over to his house he would pull out his CIF championship ring and kind of rub it in my face a little bit.

"Then the day of our game, he sent me a picture of him with the trophy. I mean, you don't do those kind of things the day of the game."

Pulsipher would repay Jacobson with his own version of fun out on the football field.

"Brad plays wide receiver, and I remember during the game he came across the middle on a pass play," said Pulsipher with a slight chuckle in his voice. "Well, I didn't let him come across the middle and have to say it was one of my better hits on the year."

The hit on Jacobson was indeed a big one.

"Yeah, he was out," recalled Pulsipher. "He was knocked out. Their quarterback said it was a cheap shot, but it wasn't. Brad ended up coming over to my house the next day and we talked about it. I jokingly said, 'Hey, you talk trash and that's what's going to happen.' Honestly though, I didn't know it was him coming across the middle and found out afterwards it was him."

But Pulsipher's dominating defense wasn't done after taking out Jacobson, as he got an interception the following play.

"Our d-line was getting to the quarterback and he had been hit, like, three times in a row. He didn't see me dropping back into coverage and kind of threw it right to me."

Temecula Valley High School plays in the Southwestern League and is one of the more competitive leagues in Southern California. Along with being selected as the top linebacker at the invitation-only Nike Camp this past summer, Pulsipher was also selected as one of the top linebackers in Southern California.

"I was the Southwestern All-League Defensive MVP," Pulsipher said. "There's always a team from our league in the final game. I was named the California All-Valley Defensive MVP. I was named the First-Team All-Area linebacker.

"It's kind of funny because the All-Valley Offensive MVP is [ quarterback Derrick Brown] from Vista Murrieta and he's going to the University of Utah. We were joking about playing each other in college. I look forward to playing him one day. I think Coach Mendenhall recruited all the right guys to BYU, and I'm excited for the future and our program."

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