BYU eyes multitalented prospect

With only 10 days until signing day, many Cougar coaches have hit the recruiting trail to scout and evaluate players for the next recruiting class. One that's on the radar is a 6-foot-7-inch junior tight end from Northern California that not only plays football, but excels in basketball as well.

When Austin Hoyt walks into a room, it's hard not to notice him. His 6-foot-7-inch, 230-pound frame is hard to miss.

Coach Poppinga, after receiving word that there were a few LDS prospects from Jackson, California, took a recent trip there to scout them out. Hoyt, who plays for the Argonaut High School Mustangs, happened to be one of the prospects on the list.

"Coach Poppinga is the new recruiting director of our area in Northern California," said Hoyt. "He came to watch my friend [Austin] Cramer and came to watch our basketball game. He stayed and watched us play."

Playing in a wing-t offense, Hoyt is primarily an offensive blocker for the multifaceted Mustang rushing attack. However, coaches utilize his big body at other positions as well.

"I love lifting weights. My bench press right now is 225 and my squat is 350," he said. "For clean it's about 260 with a vertical of around 28 inches. I play tight end and d-tackle, and if I had to decide, I would like to play d-tackle more. I like them both a lot though. I run pretty fast for my size and run a 4.8 forty."

Hoyt has put up some good numbers while playing in the trenches.

"I really like d-tackle a lot and it's one of my more favorite positions to play. On the season I had five sacks and 109 tackles on the season from the d-line. I had 49 solo tackles and 60 assisted tackles and two blocked field goals. I've also had many passes batted down and one fumble recovery."

Meanwhile, Hoyt also plays for Argonaut's basketball team.

"I play center on my team and average around 15 or 16 points a game," Hoyt said. "I definitely like playing football more than basketball though."

There is some Hoyt family history at BYU, as Austin's father Seth graduated from BYU.

"Well, I've grown up a BYU fan and it's my favorite school," said Hoyt. "I've been on campus for football camp and for basketball camp and for EFY. I followed their season last year and two years ago they beat Utah. I know that BYU's football program isn't all about football, but about other things as well. It's about building character and faith as well as football. I really love the campus and the whole environment, so BYU is one of my favorite schools."

In recent years, Hoyt has attended multiple BYU basketball and padded football camps.

"I really liked being there with the coaches and really learned a lot," he said. "It was a lot of fun."

Because of his time at BYU's camps, he is familiar with the Cougar coaches and facilities.

"Last summer when I went to the BYU football camp, I went to the [Student Athletic Building] and was able to meet all the coaches there," Hoyt said. "I met Coach Mendenhall and the offensive line coach, Coach Weber. I met Coach Doman and a couple of other coaches, so that was pretty cool being able to meet and talk with them. It was a great experience. I think they're all great guys and really taught me a lot."

This summer Hoyt plans on making a few return trips to Provo to attend Junior Day and BYU's summer camp, both of which are in June. He also plans on attending the Nike Combine in Oakland in May.

"I might choose one or two more camps to go to, but I'm not sure," said Hoyt.

Hoyt could play several different positions at the college level. As mentioned, in high school he played tight end and also played on the defensive line. In addition, he could be slated for offensive tackle at the next level as well.

"I would want to either play tight end or d-tackle or d-end," Hoyt said. "I've played those positions in high school and that's what I know best right now. On offense I have eight catches for 111 yards and one touchdown and three two-point conversions. We don't do a ton of throwing because of the style of offense we run. They pretty much just threw the ball into the air and I would go up and get it."

Hoyt is LDS and plans on serving a mission.

"I would probably go to college for a year and then go on a mission. It's something that I've wanted to do my whole life. I know if I went to BYU I could serve a mission without any problems. It would be just a great place to be."

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