Houk to visit BYU

Washington receiver Terenn Houk will be making his way down to BYU this weekend for an official trip to meet the Cougar coaches and see the campus. Houk doesn't have a scholarship offer as of yet, but as many schools are all of a sudden jumping into the picture, he's keeping his fingers crossed that BYU will have one to give.

Terenn Houk was selected to participate in the first ever Northwest Elite Camp that comprised of over 225 registered participants for 2010. Former Washington State quarterback Jason Gesser was able to round up the entire Washington State Cougar staff to coach up camp participants.

"I play wide receiver mostly and I play defensive back a little bit," Houk said. "I mostly play wide receiver though. I come in at around 6'5", 205 pounds, and my stats from this year are 46 catches for 591 yards and five touchdowns. As a defensive back I had three picks in the year but I don't know how many tackles I had. I just mainly focused on getting better at the wide receiver position for the next level. If coaches want to move me to the defensive backfield, I'm ready."

Houk provides a big target, but does need to work on getting his quickness up a little.

"I'm pretty fast, but the coaches definitely said I need to get my quickness up," said Houk with a slight laugh in his voice. "My coach said I'm like Mike Williams, but I think I'm faster than he is. I'm the kind of receiver that really relies on his hands. Even though I might not be as quick, I can get separation from the db and use my long stride to get past them. Then from there it's usually one on one and I usually win."

When BYU came calling, Houk got excited. The Enemclaw High School senior wide receiver has been working hard for many years and now feels it's finally paying off.

"I think it's really awesome," Houk said. "I mean, it's finally my big shot and I've been waiting for one of these moments for a long time. Chris [Fetters] always talks about working hard and going to combines and getting better. Now it finally has [paid off]."

This weekend, Houk will fly into Salt Lake City. He is looking forward to the opportunity to visit BYU.

"I'm really excited to meet BYU's coaches: Coach Doman, Coach Howell, Coach Reynolds and all the coaches there," he said. "I'm excited to meet all of them, all the coaches that are there. I've spoken with them on the phone and it's going to be awesome to finally meet them in person."

About a week prior to signing day, interest in Houk has increased.

"I don't have that many looks to too many places," Houk said. "I just got offered by Central Washington, and BYU actually called me asking for my film. I sent them my film and they said they loved it. They gave it to the head coach, who also liked it a lot. He wanted to get me on an official as soon as possible knowing this was all happening last week. I mean, BYU is a Division I school with a great football program. They're going to be competing against a lot of good schools, so I really want to go visit there, knowing it's already a good school.

"I also talked to Washington a little bit. I've talked to Coach Cox over there and they said they also like my film. I know they just recently lost a wide receiver, and so their receiver coach is coming over to talk to me a little more about the full recruiting process with them. It's the same with Utah State. Their coach [Chad] Kauhaahaa asked me for my email because they've also lost a receivers recruit. It's really weird because ever since BYU showed interest in me, all of a sudden all these other schools started contacting me wanting my information. It's been a really exciting week college-wise."

As of right now Houk doesn't have a scholarship offer from BYU. However, Houk mentioned that the Cougar coaching staff is looking at possibly finding one for him. He should know more after this weekend.

"Right now I actually don't know what's going to happen," Houk said. "The coaches sounded like they most likely will offer me, but they said they still have to talk because they found me really late in the recruiting process. I mean, it's around a week before the signing date, so they said they need to talk to some people and figure out whether or not people fall through as recruits. They said if they hear something opening up they'll let me know. It sounded like they really want me there. I would love to go to BYU but I'm going to see how things go."

If no scholarship is available, BYU will more than likely offer Houk a preferred walk-on status. Like any athlete, he would rather receive a scholarship, but he also said he would probably accept the preferred walk-on spot.

"Coach Reynolds actually came by my school last Tuesday and it was said that as far as actual scholarships goes, they're going to talk to the head coach about it. It's really exciting. I see this as a huge opportunity for me. I mean, a really big one. BYU is a great school and they have a great football program."

Houk, who is Christian but not of the LDS faith, will be looking during his visit to see if BYU meets certain standards.

"I'm going to look to see what it's like there," Houk said. "When Coach Reynolds was here he said that it's not just about the religion, and that's just a piece of it. He said that's not what I should just be looking for. He said it's more of a culture, and that's what I'm looking for. I mean, I'm looking to see the coaches and what it's going to be like with them. I'm going to be looking for a place that I see myself in and contributing. I already like BYU's coaches a lot from what I've heard on the phone and talking with them. It's going to be nice to meet them in person to see what they're like, the whole community of BYU, and finally get to go on campus to see what it's going to be like from a player and student perspective."

As a Christian, Houk is attracted to the high standards of living that BYU has.

"I believe in having [God] in my life and feel that this is an opportunity that He's given me. I feel the opportunity to play football at the next level is a way for me to lift Him up and perform for Him. That's what's kind of cool about BYU. I mean, yeah, they're a religious Mormon school where they have an honor code, which is really great. There's no drinking and no smoking and are similar values and morals that I live by and would be a really good fit for me. The morals that BYU expects is why I'm attracted to them."

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