Arizona lineman commits to BYU

BYU received a commitment from a young but talented offensive lineman from Desert Ridge High School in Arizona. Dallas Doane is a 6-foot-4-inch, 290-pound left guard that excels in track and field and basketball, and has received glowing compliments from his head coach Jeremy Hathcock.

As a basketball player for the Jaguars, Dallas Doane is currently preparing to face a school rival on the hardwood and wasn't available for comment. However, Total Blue Sports caught up with his head coach.

"He's a big kid and is fast for his size," said Coach Jeremy Hathcock about Doane. "He's just a young kid and only 17. If I had him for one more year he would be the most sought-after lineman in the state. He's only played one year for us so he's a bit raw, but we're glad to have had him for that one year. As far as a person goes, you won't find many better than Dallas. He's just a great kid off the field. BYU is getting a good one."

According to Coach Hathcock, Doane has received an academic scholarship from BYU. He'll attend campus as a greyshirt for a year and then leave to serve a mission.

"He's a really smart kid and has, I think, around a 4.0 GPA and is an Eagle Scout," Coach Hathcock said. "I spoke with Coach Tidwell and BYU has given him an academic scholarship, and so he'll go there and greyshirt for a year and be further groomed under their system. He's a mission kid and so he'll leave on a mission when he turns 19 and then come back and be a big contributor for them in the future."

Smart off the field and a quick learner on it, Doane isn't too bad in the weight room either. The three-sport athlete has put up some decent numbers after only a year of working out at Desert Ridge High School.

"In the weight room, he never misses a day," Hathcock said. "He's not as strong as I would like him to be when you look at him, but he's probably about a 300-pound bench kid, and squats around 400 pounds. He's athletic and runs really well. He runs about 5.2 and has great feet. It's required that those who play football do track and field and throw the discus and all that, so he runs well for a big man and plays basketball here at the school as well."

Although Doane has only played high school football for one year, Hathcock said he has all the athletic tools needed to be an outstanding college prospect.

"I've coached a lot of guys that might have been better than him because they had more actual playing experience, but I've never coached anyone with as much upside as Dallas has," Coach Hathcock said. "He's got great feet and is the type of player you want pulling for you. Like I said, if I had one more year with him he would be the most sought-after lineman in the state of Arizona. He's got the potential to be that good and once he gets going there at BYU he's going to be an exceptional player for them."

Hamilton expects Doane to have a great football career, and not just at the collegiate level.

"BYU is fortunate that he's going to be playing for them and we're happy to send him to BYU," Coach Hathcock said. "He's the type of kid that learns quickly and has a ton of potential. He'll go on his mission and then come back and then more than likely will be a starter for them at some point. I've coaches a lot of kids and think he's the type that has NFL potential when it's all said and done there at BYU. We have a lot of good offensive linemen coming up behind him, but like I said, I wish I had one more year with him."

Total Blue Sports will follow up with Doane for further comment.

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