Houk Visits BYU

Terenn Houk had a good impression about BYU before he went on his official trip there this past weekend. He'd become good friends with Cougar commit Alex Kuresa, who had informed him about what BYU was. After his visit, however, Houk found it better than he expected it to be.

"That place is amazing for sure," said Terenn Houk after his official visit to campus this past weekend. "I couldn't believe how nice the people were. It wasn't just the coaches and players either; everyone we met wherever we went couldn't have been nicer. I really felt comfortable there."

Houk is a 6-foot-5-inch, 205-pound wide receiver prospect from Enumclaw High School, which is just outside of Tacoma, Washington. He's flown under the radar somewhat during the recruitment period, which draws some parallels to another wide receiver recruit who signed with BYU a couple of years ago.

"Coaches told me about Cody Hoffman and how I reminded them a lot of him," informed Houk. "I guess he did really well for them this last year as a freshman, so that would be great if I could make that sort of impact for them as well."

The similarities are easy to draw from. Both Hoffman and Houk have a very similar athletic makeup in regards to size and skill, and both of them missed out on recruiting attention from big programs but received interest from BYU after some strong recommendations.

Hoffman was recommended to BYU by one of his teachers who happened to be LDS. Houk, who also isn't LDS, had Cougar quarterback commit Alex Kuresa pushing for him, as he's obviously intent on bringing in top receiver talent.

Houk was picked up at the airport Saturday morning by graduate assistant Kelly Bills, who immediately took him to the stadium to show him around.

"Their stadium is huge and really nice," observed Houk. "It was great being there and having Coach Bills show me around. You got a good feeling of just how big BYU's football program is when walking around that stadium."

Houk was then able to meet some of the players and other coaches, most notably coaches Brandon Doman and Nick Howell at lunch, which was followed by some snowmobiling.

"I've been snowmobiling once before, so I sort of knew what I was doing," he said. "Coaches told me about how recruits go nuts and get in crashes and all that, but I did okay and it was a blast. I went with Coach Howell and with Mick Hill, who is the equipment manager, and it was just a lot of fun."

Houk then met up with his official host, who was Joshua Quezada. Quezada showed him around the freshman dorms and answered every question he had about BYU.

"Juice [Quezada] was great," he said. "I couldn't imagine having a better host to show me around and to answer my questions. He's not LDS like me, but you could tell that he really loved BYU and everything about BYU despite not being LDS. He really let me know what it would be like there and I just think he's a great guy and I'm very thankful that coaches had him be my host."

Houk had dinner Saturday night with Quezada and coaches Doman and Lance Reynolds.

"Both of those coaches were great," he said. "Coach Reynolds really talks to you and explains things well. You could tell that he really cares about the program and about you as a player. Coach Doman, he's just so energetic. I love hearing him talk about the team and my future there at BYU. He just gets you so excited and pumped up. I love Coach Doman."

Houk then spent the rest of the night playing video games with Quezada, Manu Mulitalo and Travis Tuiloma.

"Travis and Manu were great and a lot of fun to hang out with," said Houk. "It's great because they're Polynesian just like me, and we actually have a lot in common. I don't think I'd have any trouble making friends at BYU. Everyone on the team that I met was great."

The following morning, Houk was able to meet with head coach Bronco Mendenhall for the first time during breakfast.

"The first thing Coach Mendenhall said was how impressed they were with my character and how Alex Kuresa really pushed for me saying that I had the right sort of character to succeed at BYU," he said. "They're also impressed with my play and [said] that they'd like to offer me a scholarship for this coming January since they didn't have any available until then. He said he really wished they could offer me a scholarship for the coming season, but they want me to pay my own way and then be on scholarship after that first semester."

That news was obviously very welcomed by Houk, who also had a scholarship offer from Central Washington and a walk-on offer from Washington.

"Oh, I was excited about the offer, no question," he said. "I really like BYU and I liked them before my trip, but now I can see just how great of a program it is and more importantly how comfortable I'd be there in that program."

Houk has to inform Central Washington by Tuesday about what he wants to do with their scholarship offer, so he needs to make a decision about what to do with BYU's offer very soon. He expressed to Mendenhall that he'd need to go home first and talk it over with his parents and pray about it.

"We'll see here soon on whether or not I accept BYU's offer," he said. "I just barely got home and need to think it over some, but I could definitely see myself at BYU. I just need to decide with my parents on what would be best for me."

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