DuPaix brings excitement and experience

Once a coach teaching Navy's triple option attack, Coach DuPaix now returns home to the state of Utah to become a new member of BYU's coaching staff. A young and energetic coach, DuPaix is excited to work with Coach Doman in developing BYU's run game.

Coach DuPaix, BYU's new running back coach, was all smiles and even joked a bit with the media on Wednesday. When he heard he would have a job at BYU if he wanted it, DuPaix jumped the ship he loved and headed west.

"As far as me joining the BYU football staff, I couldn't be more excited ... Navy was a placed I absolutely loved to be at," he said. "There are great coaches, great kids and the whole program. I loved it there and wouldn't think of leaving unless it was for BYU, unless it was to be with Coach Mendenhall with the vision that he has and the expectations he has. I was not looking to leave, but when that opportunity came I was more than fired up to jump on board and get going. Every night I go to bed waiting to get up to get back in here. I just love this place and I'm fired up to be here and looking forward to doing great things."

Coach DuPaix is also excited about working with fellow Skyline High School alum Brandon Doman. The staff will work closely together in an effort to build upon BYU's traditional offensive foundation.

"Coach Doman is a phenomenal football coach," said DuPaix. "The offense is going to be fantastic and he's a great football coach. Our offense isn't going to change drastically. If you go back and look over the past six years of BYU football, there have been changes. There's been a new wrinkle or something new, and that's just the nature of football. However, Coach Doman being the coordinator, he's our leader. We look at him as our leader. We bounce ideas off him and we bounce ideas off each other as coaches, and ultimately the right decision will stick, and that's what we go out with as a game plan and hopefully score tons and tons of points against our opponents and win games."

From a younger generation where technology is becoming more and more a recruiting edge, DuPaix will take over recruiting coordinator duties from Coach Tidwell. Coach Mendenhall mentioned that Coach DuPaix brings a greater understanding of how to recruit using new forms of media.

"It's going to be a challenge, to be honest with you," DuPaix said about taking over as recruiting coordinator. "Coach Tidwell has done a great job with the recruiting here, and we have a very strong friendship. I'm grateful for the challenge and I'm excited for the challenge, and I'm comfortable knowing he has my back and that he's going to help me to understand all the little details that are BYU and the program and institution."

Coach DuPaix and Coach Tidwell actually go back many years.

"[Tidwell] actually recruited me way back when I played at Skyline High School to play football for him at Snow College," said DuPaix. "We have a long history together."

When DuPaix joined the Cougar staff, had an opportunity to meet his players and have a heart-to-heart talk with them.

"It was very exciting," DuPaix said. "We met as an offense first and once we got done Coach Doman broke us up by positions. I went into the running back room and it was pretty exciting to see their eyes looking right back at me with curiosity. You can see it in their eyes, they were thinking, 'Okay, what are we going to get out of this guy?' and ‘What's this guy all about?' For me to just stand there in front of them, it was a humbling experience to share with them who I am and how excited I am to be a part of this program and a part of their lives and hope to contribute to their future success. Ultimately that's what a football coach is [there for], to help them be a better player and a better person, so we talked about that and how that process is going to work. I think they're really excited. I hope they're really excited."

In coaching the running backs, DuPaix will be taking over the position held by Coach Reynolds.

"I know they're excited to play football and I know they love Coach Reynolds, and I love Coach Reynolds too and I'm excited he's still a part of this program," said DuPaix. "They understand the big picture, that it's a better fit for BYU right now to coach the tight ends. I think they understand that and I think they're excited and I know they're eager to play and win football games.

"I think that they were confident in who I am just because I have a strong run-based background. I played at Snow College and they threw the ball just like they do here at BYU, and then I went down to SUU and ran the option, where I rushed for over a thousand yards in a single season. I think they understand that I'm not just a guy who came off the street, but coming from a place like Navy where we do run the ball a lot. It just makes complete sense to bring a guy who knows how to run the ball, so hopefully the carryover will be very good and very positive."

Coming from a triple option offense, Dupaix understands how to coach different types of running back.

"What you always want to do is take a look at the players that you have and build the offense around your talents," DuPaix said. "We're not going to build an offense [and] then try and fit the players. It doesn't work that way. We're going to reevaluate each and every position as we break down last year's film, and that will start here pretty quick with Coach Doman.

"After we break down who our players are and who we have, then we'll go ahead and move forwards. Then we'll go and design something for J.J. [Diluigi] and for our wideouts and quarterback. Then we'll build upon that and those strengths and try and build and identity based off of that. We already have a great foundation. BYU football has been around and this program has had great success with throwing the ball and running the ball, and that's not going to change. There will be just the little details we do in spring ball and even before that in meetings to make sure we get the most out of our players."

For Coach DuPaix, getting into the film room to start breaking down film of the offense and his players can't come soon enough.

"I'm so excited and we're moving in the right direction," DuPaix said. "I'm so thrilled, and like I mentioned earlier, when I go to bed I can't wait to get back up and go back to work out here. It's about being around the guys I'm around, like the players and the coaches. It's so much more here at BYU than just one player or person. There's something more special here and to be a part of that at BYU is hard to explain."

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