Ah Ching wrapped up in recruiting

South Carolina linebacker Adam Ah Ching is hearing from BYU and a lot of various colleges from around the country. The 6-foot-1-inch, 215-pound linebacker from Greer High School keeps in touch with some BYU committed players and keeps tabs on Cougar recruits. He is now receiving some attention from the Fighting Irish as well as some SEC schools closer to home.

One member of BYU's 2012 recruiting class that Adam Ah Ching is good friends with is offensive lineman Zach Lindsey of Davis High School.

"I went to the BYU summer camp this past year with him and he was on the other team, but in team drills I went against him a couple of times," Ah Ching said about Lindsey. "He's big and he's strong, man. He's around 6'8", 325 [pounds] and a beast."

Lindsey often gives Ah Ching some advice about the recruiting process.

"Zach is a friend of mine and he keeps telling me to commit," said Ah Ching with a chuckle in his voice. "On Facebook he's always telling me to commit and stuff. He'll text me and tell me to call him."

Another Cougar prospect that Ah Ching keeps close tabs on is California linebacker Butch Pau'u. The two also met at a BYU camp.

"The year that I got [verbally] offered was after the BYU camp during my sophomore year," said Ah Ching. "I remember that year when Butch was there. He wasn't always a linebacker though; he was a quarterback when he was there. He was always like a linebacker and I didn't know what he was doing as a quarterback. I was like, 'Hey bro, what are you doing? You're a linebacker, not a quarterback.' The next year, I think he switched over to linebacker and it's served him well. BYU has now offered him and he's going off the charts now.

Pau'u sent Ah Ching a message following his offer from Coach Mendenhall.

"Butch told me that after his coach pulled him aside and told him he was offered, that he called his dad," said Ah Ching. "He messaged me and told me he was excited about his BYU offer. He deserves all of that and works so hard. He's one of the hardest workers I've probably ever seen."

In reflecting on the 2011 class and the 2012 class, Ah Ching sees a lot of LDS Polynesian players becoming a main part of the future Cougar defense. The idea of there possibly being four Polynesian linebackers playing together at once is an exciting possibility for him.

"Oh, that would be awesome!" said Ah Ching. "It would be great playing with [Pau'u] in the middle. I also have a cousin who will be playing at BYU as well, Toloa'i Ho Ching. He's on his mission, but when everyone comes back it would be good to play with him as well. You throw in Manoa [Pikula] in there as well and you could have four Poly linebackers playing in there together at some point in time. I think Baker [Pritchard] is going to play d-end and Moses [Kaumatule] is going to gain weight and will probably play nose guard. Then you'll have Kesni Tausinga playing on the d-line too, so there could be a lot of Poly players playing together on that defense.

"Yeah, Coach Mendenhall is trying to get his kind of players in there. He's trying to get me and Butch [Pau'u] in there to hold down the 3-4 defense. They have a lot of really good linebackers there now, but in a few years we should be fine. If I decide to go to BYU, all of those guys will be gone by the time we get done serving our missions. That's the good thing about it. Also, the coaches they have there are really good. I like them a lot."

Ah Ching is considered one of the top senior-to-be prospects in the state of South Carolina. Last season he totaled 153 tackles with 87 for a loss, five sacks, three forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

Thus, it's not surprise that BYU is after this LDS linebacker's services.

"Things are going good between me and BYU," Ah Ching said. "They call me a lot and whenever they can. When they're allowed to call me, they'll call me on the weekend. I've gotten a lot of letters from BYU every month. It's been going crazy. I've gotten around 150 letters from different schools."

Currently, Ah Ching holds offers from BYU and Utah. He has also been verbally offered by Boise State and Colorado, and said that Notre Dame is close to offering him.

Ah Ching holds BYU as one of his top college choices. However, before making a commitment to the college of his choice, he wants to take trips to other colleges prior to making a final commitment. He mentioned in a previous interview in January that he hopes to attend junior days at Clemson, LSU and Tennessee. He's also hearing from Michigan and Auburn as well.

"Me and my family have been talking about taking visits," Ah Ching said. "BYU is a place where I've always wanted to be. It's like home to me. I'm just trying to go through the recruiting process and visit other schools. I'm going to look at some back-east schools like North Carolina and some SEC schools like LSU and Arkansas. Basically it would be easier for my family to come watch me play."

Ah Ching will use this summer to make some of his campus trips.

"I think I have scheduled visits for Notre Dame and LSU, because Gary Crowton was down there," Ah Ching said. "I think I might visit Alabama too. After I take some visits and do all that stuff, then I'll make my decision on signing day. After that I think I'll probably go my first year of college, then go on a mission."

As he mentioned, one reason playing back east is attractive to Ah Ching is because his family could be closer to his games. However, with BYU starting a partnership with ESPN and looking to schedule games around the country now as an independent, that eases some of his concerns. In addition, BYUtv will also be able to air games.

"It's good now that BYU will be on ESPN and will be independent so they can play whoever they want now," Ah Ching said. "For BYU to go independent is a huge change. They can go and play east team and SEC teams and get more exposure with TV time. There's no more the Mtn. channel or the Pay-Per-View channel or whatever it was. It's going to be really good."

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