Chatman has three early offers

Jordan Chatman is a player who comes from very good bloodlines, with former BYU Cougar Jeff Chatman being his father. He's received some early interest from local programs here in Utah and a lot of attention from nearby Portland State. Total Blue Sports caught up with Chatman to learn of his early recruitment.

Jordan Chatman is a 6-foot-4-inch, 195-pound point guard prospect from Union High School, which lies about 20 minutes north of Portland, Oregon. His father Jeff Chatman starred for the BYU basketball team during the late 1980s, and BYU is very much interested in having his son do the same for them a little over 20 years later.

BYU isn't the only school interested in Chatman, not by a long shot. Having just completed his junior season, he holds offers from Utah State and Portland State in addition to BYU, and has had coaches from the likes of Washington, Washington State, and Stanford out to watch him play. He's even fielded calls from schools as far away as Boston College.

"Utah State was my first offer and they've been recruiting me pretty hard since my sophomore year," said Chatman. "They offered me this past July and that was great getting my first college offer. As a player, you want to play in college, and to have an offer from such a great program as Utah State is really a great honor."

Chatman has been out to Utah State a few times to watch their games and was impressed with the environment there both on and off of the basketball court.

"We went to a BYU game there and it was really crazy and intense," he related. "That's the kind of atmosphere you love to play in as a player. I also like the college atmosphere there and how everyone loves the team."

Chatman has also taken note of Utah State's success in recent years, and is impressed with their head coach Stew Morrill.

"He's a great coach," Chatman said. "He's as good as they come."

His Utah State offer was quickly followed up by offers from both BYU and Portland State around the same time in August. Portland State is close to his home, which is a plus, and he's also become impressed with how they play basketball.

"I go to their games a lot," he said. "They've told me to come up whenever I want and I've done that for sure. We went up there when they played BYU and it's a team that has had some good success and they play good basketball for sure. I like their coaching staff a lot."

As for BYU, Chatman's connections don't just end with his father having played there. Since last summer, he's formed a good friendship with the sons of another former Cougar who played with his father.

"I got to know Tyler Haws and T.J. Haws over the summer and practiced with them some. and they're great guys," he explained. "I like the whole family, and with my dad playing at BYU with their dad Marty , we're all just sort of close already, so I'd definitely like to play with Tyler at BYU while being close to their family."

Chatman hasn't been able to attend a BYU game this year, but is keeping close eyes on their play this year.

"I went to a game a few years back when they played Wake Forest and that was a great experience," he said. "The atmosphere was great, but I've watched them a lot this year with Jimmer [Fredette] and how they're doing and it's fun to watch."

Chatman cited BYU's friendly environment and coaching staff as other reasons why he likes BYU.

"I love their up-tempo style," he stated.

Chatman is LDS and has definite plans to serve a mission immediately out of high school, so it won't be until the 2014-15 year at the earliest that fans for any school will see him play. When they do see him play, they'll see a point guard that knows how to use his size, among other aspects of his game that have made him so attractive to recruiters.

"I've been learning to post-up a lot this year," he said. "As a point guard, I feel that I can shoot the three very well, but I've also worked hard on hitting the pull-up jumper. Early this year, I was scoring 30 points or more most of my games, but teams have really locked down and I'm double-teamed in every game, so my scoring average has gone down, but it's been good for me to work through that."

Like Marty Haws did with Tyler Haws, Jeff Chatman is preferring to let his son make the decision best for him instead of pushing him BYU's way.

"He doesn't pressure me at all, not one bit," the younger Chatman said about his father. "He's been real good with that. He obviously likes BYU and has good memories there and he still knows a lot of people in the program, but he wants me to make the decision to go to the school that's best for me. The school that is best for me will have a competitive team, good academics and a good coaching staff."

Chatman will likely make his decision on where to sign this coming fall, although he hasn't put any timetable on his final decision.

"I'm totally open on what school I want to play for right now," he said. "I want to finish playing AAU ball this summer before I decide because I want to know all my options by then and make the best decision for me. I don't have a favorite school at all right now."

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