Logan discusses future

Cornerback Brian Logan became a Cougar fan-favorite for many reasons. He's tough, smart, and although only 5 feet 6 inches tall, he plays – as Coach Mendenhall once mentioned – bigger than his size. After a successful career at BYU, Logan is now in the middle of trying to make an NFL roster, but if that doesn't work out, he has other plans on his mind.

Last season, Brian Logan was third on the Cougar defense in tackles with 51 (37 solo tackles). He also had seven pass breakups and two interceptions against teams that threw away from him.

However, during his junior year, that wasn't the case. Teams attempted to pick on Logan because of his size. Logan made them pay with 14 pass breakups, most in the MWC and second-most in the nation. Now, Logan is training and performing for NFL scouts in an attempt to continue playing football.

"I didn't get too much feedback from the scouts on my performance," Logan said about Wednesday's Pro Day with a laugh in his voice. "I'm not sure how much feedback they're going to give a 5'6" guy. I think now what I can do is put it in God's hands and see where it takes me and where He wants me to be. If He wants me to be somewhere, I'll be there. If not, then you move on."

Moving on doesn't mean moving away from BYU. He still has one more semester of school left to finish up and would like to be involved with the team in some capacity if he can.

"I'll be out here during spring ball and trying and coach the guys up," said the ever-smiling Logan. "Then hopefully in the fall, Coach Mendenhall will have a spot open for me."

In addition to being involved with the football program, Logan would like to continue his schooling.

"It's definitely a goal of mine to get my masters degree," Logan said. "If I can get it paid for financially, that would be great. To be around this place and this environment is where I want to be. I love it here."

If Logan could work on earning his masters degree while being a G.A., that would be icing on the cake. Even now, Logan finds his curiosity leading him back to the football field.

"I often catch myself after coming out of class, if the guys have seven on seven, heading out to the practice field, or wherever, poking my head in and watching them play a bit," Logan said. "I like to coach them up a bit, so I kind of see myself going somewhere with it. I definitely see myself being a G.A. and trying to be a coach, definitely, definitely. You know, that's something I'm interested in if things don't work out at the next level."

Wanting to remain at BYU and having an inner desire to coach, Logan approached Coach Mendenhall at the beginning of the semester about taking that direction.

"Even if I play in the NFL, I still want to come back here. I think it would be ideal for me to go to the NFL, if things work out that way, and play for three, four or five years. I still would like to come back here and be a G.A.

"I talked with Coach Mendenhall probably at the beginning of the semester about it. I just asked him about and said, 'Hey, I'm going to try and give football a try first, but if that doesn't work out would you have a spot open for me?' He said they definitely will and they would give me a look. It would be a perfect time for me just having graduated and having a G.A spot open up for me, so he said, 'If it happens, then you'll definitely have an opportunity.'"

As for now, Logan has his sights on making an NFL roster.

"That would kind of be my ideal situation," he said. "You know, go to the NFL and play for a few years and get some NFL experience and get some of that respect. You kind of have that respect for guys like Coach Poppinga and Shaun Nua who've played in the NFL. Your ears are kind of open a little bit more, and your eyes are open a little bit wider knowing they've played at the next level and have that experience. As a young adult you kind of look up to them a little more."

Although he might only be 5 feet 6 inches tall, Logan's big heart tells him all roads lead back to one place: BYU.

"I think ideally it would be great for me to go into the NFL for a couple years," he said. "Then I would love to come back here to BYU with that experience and coach here if I can."

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