Cougars 1-25

In the first installment of the ultimate reference guide to spring practice, we start out with the first quarter of the roster, which includes the quarterbacks, most of the receivers and other players.

#1-Jordan Pendleton 6-3, 239 Sr. Pendleton has sat out all of the spring practice session as he recovers from offseason surgery. Coaches expect him to be fully healthy by the fall practice session.

#2-Cody Hoffman 6-4, 205 So. Hoffman has had one of the better spring camps of anyone on the roster. His route-running looks much improved and he's put together some dominant performances. He should have a big year.

#3-James Lark 6-2, 202 Jr. Lark has received some good work with the twos on offense and is competing with Riley Nelson for the backup job. He's shown some good consistency and is definitely improved from last season.

#3-Kyle Van Noy 6-3, 219 So. There aren't too many practice sessions that go by where he doesn't make highlight reel types of plays. He's seen every rep with the ones this spring and should be one of the primary playmakers on defense this coming year, if not the primary playmaker.

#4-Uona Kaveinga 5-11, 255 Jr. Kaveinga has firmly established himself as the team's best option at the Mike linebacker position. His specialty looks to be stuffing the run, where his physical play really serves the defense well.

#5-Drew Phillips 5-11, 168 Fr. He's shown to be very capable, but hasn't seen many reps since the first week of practice. I'm anxious to see him more in the open field, where his speed skills should stand out. We've yet to see him operate out of the slot position.

#5-Zac Stout 6-1, 229 So. Stout has seen very limited work due to some nagging injuries, which haven't allowed him to really compete for a spot. Hopefully he gets over his injury problems, as he's certainly one of the more promising linebacker talents on the team.

#6-McKay Jacobson 5-11, 190 Sr. Jacobson has performed very well so far this spring. He's established himself again as a legitimate deep threat, but the hope is that he'll be able to operate more out of the slot, where he can be the most effective given his talents.

#7-Preston Hadley 6-0, 200 Jr. Hadley has seen all of his reps playing boundary corner with the ones on defense. It's going to be hard for coaches not to play him this season, as he's looked very capable during practice sessions.

#7-Dalin Tollestrup 6-1, 175 Jr. He's moved over to wide receiver and has seen some good work with the twos and threes on offense. He has a legitimate chance to break the two-deep roster this coming season.

#9-Jake Heaps 6-1, 194 So. Heaps is noticeably bigger and more consistent this spring. He's firmly entrenched as the starting quarterback and should have a monster year, as he continues to show good progress with every practice session.

#10-J.J. Di Luigi 5-9, 190 Sr. There's nothing all that new about Di Luigi this spring. He's shown to be ever consistent and reliable, which will earn him a lot of reps this coming season. He may be the running back most affected by the under-center tight splits, but his pass-catching abilities will allow him to play a major role within the offense once again.

#11-Ross Apo 6-3, 202 Fr. Apo has had the type of spring camp most fans were hoping for. He's proven to be un-coverable during one-on-one drills, and that has translated positively to team drills, where he looks significantly more confident in his route running and the rhythm of the offense.

#11-Brad Heap 6-3, 215 Fr. Heap is working hard for a spot, but hasn't taken team reps up to this juncture.

#12-Mitchell Juergens 5-10, 180 Fr. Juergens shows some promise and has seen reps during live team drills. He looks to be an effective slot receiver for the offense here soon.

#12-Jason Munns 6-5, 254 So. Munns hasn't really competed for the backup spot like many thought he would prior to spring practices. He looks improved from the fall to be certain, but seems to have some more dust to shake off from his mission service.

#13-Riley Nelson 6-0, 201 Jr. Nelson has fared well this spring despite coaches installing an offense that doesn't play to his strengths. He's been consistent and productive throughout practices as he looks to solidify his spot as Heaps' primary backup.

#15-Carter Mees 6-0, 195 Jr. Mees has been seeing just about all of his reps with the threes playing free safety while alternating in at strong safety on occasion. He proved to be very capable during games last season and should make a push for the free safety spot this coming season.

#15-Christian Stewart 6-2, 190 Fr. Stewart hasn't seen team reps yet at the quarterback position, but has looked good in drills. He'll add some depth to the position.

#16-JD Falslev 5-8, 175 So. Falslev has had a very productive spring practice. He's custom-made for the slot position and should play an important role within the offense this coming season.

#16-Landon Fowler 5-10, 178 Jr. Fowler hasn't seen many team reps, but is adding good depth to the safety position.

#17-Chase Pendley 6-2, 210 So. He's been getting some good work in drills and should add some good depth to the defensive backs.

#17-Daniel Sorensen 6-2, 200 So. Sorensen is certainly one of the lead candidates to start at Kat safety, replacing Andrew Rich. He's seeing most of his reps with the ones on defense, where he's alternating with Jray Galea'i.

#18-Jray Galea'i 6-0, 179 So. As mentioned, he's been rotating in with the ones with Sorensen. He's proven to be a punishing hitter out of the defensive backfield, but needs to be more consist with his coverages.

#18-Richard Wilson 6-2, 233 So. He's been sitting out practices while recovering from offseason shoulder surgery. It's unfortunate that he's unable to compete, as he's one of the more exciting options at the tight end position.

#19-Matt Marshall 5-10, 172 Sr. Marshall is again providing consistent play at receiver with the twos on offense. He's someone that should break the two-deep roster and see some playing time this coming season.

#19-Greg May 5-11, 200 Fr. May is adding depth to the safety position.

#20-Joshua Quezada 5-11, 211 So. Quezada has looked quicker and faster this spring, and looks to be BYU's leading running back option this coming season. At the very least, he'll be splitting time with Di Luigi as the primary running option on the team.

#21-Andrew Cusick 6-5, 205 So. Cusick has the physical makeup that coaches like at outside receiver. He's seen some good reps and is vying for a spot on the two-deep roster.

#21-DeQuan Everett 6-3, 200 Jr. Everett has been a mainstay playing boundary corner with the second-team defensive unit. He looks much quicker off his breaks this year and will look to solidify a spot on the two-deep roster.

#22-Ryan Comer 6-1, 205 So. Comer hasn't seen many team reps to this point, which is a little surprising given his junior college experience. He's adding depth to the Kat safety position.

#23-Cody Raymond 5-10, 175 Fr. Raymond has seen time mostly with the twos and the threes on offense. He'll likely compete best at the slot receiver position.

#23-Travis Uale 6-2, 197 Sr. Everyone's favorite option at free safety has looked solid so far this spring. He's seeing every rep with the ones so far, and the starting spot is clearly his to lose.

#24-Cameron Comer 6-0, 189 Fr. Comer had been getting reps as the third-team field cornerback, but has incurred some minor injury problems, and that hasn't allowed him to compete here of late.

#24-Brian Smith 6-3, 175 So. Smith is adding depth to the kicking position.

#25-Corby Eason 5-8, 172 Sr. Eason is sitting out spring practices while recovering from offseason surgery. He's been out there every day regardless and should be a lock to start at either cornerback position come fall.

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