Cougars 76-99

The final quarter of the roster includes a lot of the tight ends and defensive linemen working to earn spots this coming season. It also includes a few offensive linemen and wide receivers that have shown well during the spring practice session.

#76 Braden Hansen 6-6, 310 Jr. OL Hansen has sat out the entire spring practice session due to injury. He'll be ready to go this fall, however, and will likely reprise his role as the team's starting left guard.

#77 Garrett Eskelsen 6-2, 233 Jr. DL Eskelsen has seen some good amount of work with the twos and the threes on defense. He's added some nice plays during team drills and will add depth to the defensive end position.

#77 Michael Yeck 6-8, 265 Fr. OL Yeck hasn't been out there this spring for whatever reason. We'll check on Yeck to find out his status.

#78 Houston Reynolds 6-2, 308 So. OL Reynolds has emerged as the primary center with the ones on offense. He's making a strong bid to start this coming year should offensive line coach Mark Weber choose to move Terence Brown to guard.

#79 Manaaki Vaitai 6-3, 300 So. OL Vaitai has seen a lot of good work playing offensive guard with the ones on offense. He should be a prime candidate to break the two-deep roster this coming season.

#80 Marcus Mathews 6-5, 200 So. TE Mathews has shown to be a very good receiving tight end yet again this spring. He'll likely be a third-down specialist playing the tight end position when it's split out with the quarterback running the offense out of the shotgun.

#82 Kaneakua Friel 6-5, 235 So. TE Friel hasn't seen many team reps, as he's trying to get back to where he was pre-mission service. He's a great talent with a very bright future at the position.

#82 Mike Muehlmann 6-4, 240 So. DL Muehlmann has seen some good reps with the twos at the defensive end position. The switch to defense looks to be a good one for him as he looks to break the two-deep roster this coming season.

#83 Spencer Hafoka 6-0, 200 Sr. WR Hafoka is adding good, reliable depth to the receiver position. He'll vie to break the two-deep this coming fall.

#84 Devin Mahina 6-6, 236 So. TE Mahina is seeing his work with the ones on offense and has been more consistent in catching the football. He'll likely see half of the reps or so at tight end this coming season and be one of the leading receivers from the position.

#85 Dallin Cutler 5-9, 175 So. WR Cutler is seeing good reps with the twos and the threes on offense. He'll add good depth to the position this coming year.

#86 Bryan Sampson 6-3, 221 Fr. TE Sampson has seen some good work during team reps and has a bright future ahead of him at the tight end position.

#87 Rhen Brown 5-10, 180 Jr. WR Brown has seen most of his work with the twos on offense and will add good depth to the receiver position this year.

#88 Austin Holt 6-4, 245 So. TE The new offense should benefit Holt a lot, as he's proven to be a very effective blocker off the line. He's shown to be very reliable this spring in both his blocking and in catching the football, and is due to see a significant role on the offense this year.

#89 Mathew Edwards 6-3, 225 Sr. TE LaVell Edwards' grandson has seen good work this spring, catching a couple of touchdowns during team drills. He'll add good depth to the position this coming fall.

#90 Matt Peterson 6-5, 260 Jr. DL Peterson will again add valuable depth to the defensive end position this year.

#91 Hebron Fangupo 6-1, 310 Sr. DL Fangupo has looked very good this spring and should help out tremendously at nose tackle this coming year. He's a fiery competitor who has already earned the respect of his defensive teammates.

#91 Matt Shirley 6-5, 230 So. TE Shirley is adding good depth to the tight end position.

#92 Graham Rowley 6-4, 261 So. DL Rowley has seen all of his reps with the twos on defense at the defensive end position backing up Putnam. He played a role last year and should be a top option to break the two-deep roster this coming fall.

#93 Simonte Vea 5-11, 243 Sr. DL Vea is playing the nose tackle position and has seen some good work there with the twos on defense.

#94 Jordan Richardson 6-3, 271 Jr. DL Richardson is still recovering from his leg injury and has sat out the spring practice session. The hope is that he'll return for fall and add significantly to the depth and play at either nose tackle or defensive end.

#96 Reed Hornung 6-2, 250 Jr. DS Hornung looks to be the primary deep-snapper this coming year.

#96 Josh Marquardt 6-1, 248 So. DL Marquardt is looking to add some good depth to the defensive end position this coming fall.

#97 Travis Tuiloma 6-2, 316 Fr. DL Tuiloma has been rotating with Fangupo at the nose tackle position. He'll add significantly to the position this year, as he gained valuable experience on the scout team last year that has continued into his first spring practice session.

#98 Romney Fuga 6-2, 307 Jr. DL Fuga, like Richardson, has sat out spring practice while recovering from his knee injury. He hopes to return this fall and will likely start at nose tackle should he fully recover from injury.

#99 Riley Stephenson 6-0, 203 Jr. P/K Stephenson hasn't seen a lot of work this spring, as the team isn't given to practice much with punt coverage. He'll be BYU's starter at punter this year.

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