Spring game report

The team had its first spring game in several years, and while the conditions weren't ideal, the fans got a good look at this year's team. The team had about 70 plays and showcased a lot of the things they've been working on over the past few weeks.

First Series

-Riley Nelson took the twos on offense against the twos on defense starting out from the 20.

-Ryan Folsom took the first play off-tackle for 3 yards.

-Nelson then completed a 15-yard pass to Bryan Sampson.

-Marshall then hauled in a 9-yard pass.

-One second-and-short Drew Phillips was held to no gain, with Simonte Vea and Sae Tautu combining for the tackle.

-Defense, specifically Matt Putnam, held firm on third-and-short, holding Phillips to no gain.

-Riley Stephenson then pinned the blue team to their own 3-yard line with his punt.

Second Series

-The blue team's first offensive play saw J.J. Di Luigi run for 2 yards.

-Heaps then completed a pass to Bryan Kariya for 5 yards in the flat.

-Heaps then hit Austin Holt for a 13-yard gain on third-and-short.

-Robbie Buckner was then flagged for pass interference on a long pass intended for McKay Jacobson.

-Heaps then hit Spencer Hafoka for 10 yards, but it was nullified by a chop-block penalty.

-Defense then combined to drop Michael Alisa for about a 2-yard loss.

-Travis Tuiloma then came right up the middle for a whistled sack, putting the offense into third-and-very long.

-Heaps then threw it incomplete to Hafoka on third-and-long.

-Stephenson then booted the punt 47 yards.

Third Series

-On the first play Nelson hit Sampson for a pass of 4 yards.

-Phillips then carried the ball for 6 yards, running over Sampson in the process.

-Nelson then hit an 8-yard pass to Rhen Brown.

-Nelson hit Sampson for 12 yards on the next play.

-Nelson then barely overthrew Marshall for a mid-range pass that would have probably gone for a touchdown had it been on target.

-Nelson then hit a pass to Mathew Edwards for 13-yards in tight coverage.

-Phillips ran the ball for 4 yards on the next play.

-Nelson then threw an incomplete pass off of Sampson's fingertips.

-Nelson then scrambled for 5 yards and just short of the first down.

-Nelson then was held for no gain on fourth-and-short as Austen Jorgensen and Tautu combined for the tackle.

Fourth Series

-Heaps hit Ross Apo in the flat for 4 yards on first down. Robbie Buckner made the tackle along with Daniel Sorensen.

-The offense then was whistled for delay of game.

-Heaps hit Jacobson on the sidelines for 11 yards.

-Di Luigi was then held for a 1-yard gain on first down.

-Buckner was then whistled for interference again on a long pass attempt to Apo. Buckner had good coverage on the play, but held Apo as he began to get separation with the ball in the air.

-Di Luigi was then held for a loss, as just about everyone on the defense jumped the play in the backfield.

-Heaps then threw an incomplete pass down the field as Preston Hadley provided very tight coverage.

-The next pass attempt was whistled dead as Jameson Frazier came close to Heaps.

-Stephenson then booted it down the field for an impressive 54-yard punt that had very good hang-time.

Fifth Series

-Munns took the reins for the white team, with Folsom running for just a 2-yard gain on first down.

-Munns threw his first pass attempt incomplete.

-Munns' next pass should have been caught for a first down, but Marshall dropped the pass.

-Stephenson's punt was for 40 yards.

Sixth Series

-On the first play, Heaps hit Di Luigi for an 8-yard gain.

-Heaps hit Jacobson for 4 yards and for a first down on the next play.

-Di Luigi caught the next pass for 5 yards

-On the next play, Heaps hit Di Luigi for 5 yards and a first down.

-Heaps' next attempt went incomplete.

-Heaps then hit Jacobson for a 9-yard pass on an out pattern.

-Justin Sorensen had his 46-yard field goal attempt go wide right.

Seventh Series

-Lark got this series and handed it off to Kariya for a 9-yard gain on first down.

-Di Luigi ran it for 3 yards and a first down.

-Lark then threw an incomplete pass attended for Devin Mahina.

-Lark hit Marcus Mathews for 5 yards on the next play on what was a nice catch.

-Lark hit Skyler Ridley for 5 yards on third down, just short of the first-down marker.

-Stephenson then booted it 37 yards.

Eighth Series

-Phillips ran it for just 1 yard on the first play, with Aveni Leung-Wai accounting for the tackle.

-The offense was whistled for illegal procedure on the next play.

-Jordan Johnson picked off the next play after Jorgensen tipped the pass. Johnson was able to return it for a touchdown.

Ninth Series

-Garrett Juergens was held for no gain on a run on the first play of the series. Brad Heap took over at quarterback this series.

-Heap then hit Juergens for a nice 14-yard gain.

-Hebron Fangupo then forced a fumble on the next play, but it was recovered by the offense.

-Half of the defense, led by Fangupo, combined for a sack on the next play. It forced a fumble, which Alani Fua recovered.

Tenth Series

-James Lark had his first pass knocked away by Sorensen, who provided very tight coverage.

-Kariya then ran the ball up the middle for a 4-yard gain.

-Lark's next pass was dropped by Di Luigi.

-Sorensen then connected on a 34-yard field goal attempt.

Eleventh Series

-Nelson scampered outside for a 16-yard gain on the first play from scrimmage.

-Nelson fumbled the snap on the next play, but recovered the ball for a loss.

-Nelson then connected with Brown for a 73-yard touchdown pass on a very nice completion on a post pattern.

Twelfth Series

-Quarterback Christian Stewart fumbled the snap on the first play of the series, and it was recovered by the defense.

Thirteenth Series

-Juergens ran it outside for just 1 yard.

-Nelson scampered outside for 2 yards on the next play.

-Nelson missed Dalin Cutler breaking open in the end zone on a pass that was overthrown.

-Sorensen then connected on a field goal of 27 yards.

Fourteenth Series

-Apo dropped a pass from Heaps on first down.

-Di Luigi was held to a 2-yard gain as he was tracked down by Seth Probert. The defense was whistled for a facemask penalty on the play.

-Heaps hit Kariya for a 12-yard gain on the next play.

-The next play saw the defense combine for a sack.

-Heaps then hit Mahina in the flat, but a big hit from Sorensen dislodged the pass and forced an incompletion.

-Buckner then got whistled for his third pass interference penalty while Heaps again tried to hit Apo for a long pass.

-Heaps then hit Jacobson for a 6-yard gain.

-Holt hauled in a 3-yard pass from Heaps on the next play.

-Kariya then ran it for a first down on a short gain.

-Eathyn Manumaleuna then recorded a sack, busting through the middle of the line.

-Heaps then hit JD Falslev for a 25-yard gain.

-The offense was then flagged for a holding penalty.

-Heaps then hit Apo for a 6-yard gain.

-Mahina caught a 5-yard pass on the next play.

-Heaps then threw a pass incomplete to Jacobson in the end zone.

-Sorensen then missed on a 37-yard attempt.

Fifteenth Series

-Garrett Eskelsen then caught Nelson from behind for no gain.

-Nelson hit Juergens for an 11-yard gain.

-Nelson was sacked by Putnam for the final play of regulation.

Sixteenth Series

-The game went to overtime, with the blue team getting the ball first. Di Luigi ran it for a 2-yard gain on the first play.

-Kariya ran the ball for 6 yards on the next play.

-Di Luigi then took it up the middle for a 17-yard touchdown run.

Seventeenth Series

-Nelson, on the first play from scrimmage, overthrew a pass intended for Dalin Tollestrup in the end zone.

-Nelson then ran it for 6 yards on a quarterback draw.

-Nelson then threw it incomplete on a pass that could have been picked off by Jorgensen.

-Nelson then hit Edwards in the flat on fourth down, with Edwards stretching out to barely get the first down.

-Nelson then avoided would-be sacks from two players and scampered into the end zone from 15 yards out.

-The white team then went for two, with Nelson hitting Sampson for the conversion and the win. The white team mobbed him in the end zone.

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