Biegel impressed with Cougar coaching staff

Vince Biegel from Wisconsin is a recruit who doesn't lack quality offers. He's therefore making a lot of stops and fielding a lot of calls in an already hot recruiting pursuit for his services. BYU was his latest stop, and Total Blue Sports recently caught up with him to get his latest impressions of BYU and how it stacks up against the other schools that have been recruiting him.

"I loved visiting BYU for the full day," related Vince Biegel. "They definitely helped themselves with what I was able to see and in talking to the coaches there. Coach Mendenhall made it clear to me that I was their number one defensive prospect they were recruiting, and that was great to hear."

Biegel is a 6-foot-3-inch, 210-pound linebacker prospect from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. He's the son of former Cougar Rocky Biegel, which has in no doubt enabled BYU to make some strides in gaining his attention.

Rocky is hardly shoving BYU down his son's throat, however.

"He's done a real good job of letting me make up my mind for myself and sit back," Vince said about his father's influence. "He trusts me to make the best decision for myself and he's been great with that. He's not pushing BYU to me, but he's not pushing any other school either."

Vince visited BYU from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., meeting with coaches and touring facilities with his father, who reminisced about his days at BYU. Vince had visited BYU before casually during camp visits and whatnot, but Monday was the first time he was able to see everything up close.

"I can't think of anything we didn't do while at BYU," he explained. "Their facilities were great. It was my first time touring all the facilities and they were as good as any I've seen."

Biegel was unable to meet with any of the players in BYU's program, but was able to meet with most of the Cougar coaching staff. One coach he's become particularly impressed with is new outside linebacker coach Kelly Poppinga.

"I've always got along with Coach Poppinga, and he's really shown that he wants me there," he said. "He's been out here to Wisconsin twice already and he's someone I really relate to well as a coach. So it was great meeting with him again because I've really grown to like and respect him as a coach."

Biegel could play outside linebacker, but is probably best suited to play inside linebacker at the next level. While at BYU, he was also able to meet with inside linebacker coach Paul Tidwell.

"You can tell that Coach Tidwell really cares for his players, which I like a lot about him," he said. "I could tell right away that he was the type of coach I'd love to play for and that he could make me a better player for sure."

Biegel was also impressed with Cougar head coach Bronco Mendenhall as he met with him in his office.

"Coach Mendenhall is just extremely honest, which I like," he said. "He just lays it out for you and doesn't hide anything. When you're done meeting with him, there is no doubt what BYU is and I like that about him."

Biegel is LDS and appreciates the unique aspects of BYU.

"BYU is not like any other program, that's for sure," he explained. "Their focus on individual growth and just the atmosphere there, it's unique and now I have to decide if I want that for myself. After visiting there, BYU is definitely more attractive to me as a person, which it's always been as a person, but as far as football goes, I think they're more attractive to me now after meeting with the coaches and seeing the facilities and everything up close."

Biegel is very fond of the Wisconsin program as well, and said the Badgers are a co-favorite with BYU. Other schools are after him hard, and Michigan in particular has caught a lot of his interest recently.

"I want to decide before the season, I've stated that many times and that's my goal," he said. "It's going to be a very tough decision for me for sure. The biggest thing for me is the team and just playing football. I want to go to the school that will help me improve and to be the best football player I can be."

Biegel plans on attending Wisconsin's summer camp and could very well make another visit to BYU and its camps this summer. TBS will obviously keep in touch with Biegel throughout the recruiting process.

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