Josh Weeks continues to set records

Show Low wide receiver Josh Weeks already holds six Arizona state records in football through his junior season. Now that football and basketball are over, Weeks is applying his talents to track and field, and has been able to break some personal records. It's been a while since Total Blue Sports last spoke with Weeks, so now it's time to catch up on the latest.

Before we get into Josh Weeks' current accomplishments, let's go back a few months to a time when he was selected as one of the top juniors at the U.S. Army Combine held in San Antonio.

"I felt like I did pretty good and was pretty successful," Weeks said about the combine. "As far as testing went in the forty and the shuttle, I did really well, and my vertical was a 36, which ended up being in the top 10. I think it ranked number seven out of the 500 kids that were invited to the combine, so I did really well in the testing."

There were other areas that Weeks excelled in as well.

"In the one-one-ones session, I did really well also. I didn't get a whole lot of reps because there were so many kids there, but the ones that I did I did really well competing against some of the best kids in the nation."

Weeks made the first cut in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl selection as one among the top 400 prospects. He now needs to survive the next cut and he'll be playing in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

"It's definitely a goal of mine to play in that game and represent the West," Weeks said. "I think it would be sweet."

Moving to a more recent time, Weeks participated with the Arizona Elite team in the Badger Sports 7-on-7 tournament held on March 22 in Las Vegas.

"We had a really good team set out, but in the last minute three of the quarterbacks that I was planning on having didn't make it up there," Weeks said. "The quarterback that we ended up having was pretty decent. We didn't have anything planned and we didn't practice, but as a team we actually did pretty well. A lot of kids got invites, but not a whole lot actually committed to go, so we missed out on a lot of talent that could have helped us.

"We actually beat the team [B2G] that went on to win it from California in pool play, so at one time, even though we didn't have all our guys, we still beat the team that won the tournament title in pool play.

"In pool play you have four games that you have to play on that Saturday. You have to play two California teams and one Utah team. I can't remember who we played on our last game, but we won two and lost two. The one team that we did beat was the team that took the title. One of the games that we won came down to the wire. The one catch that I did have was a touchdown that helped us win that game at the end, so I did really well."

Now on to more recent developments for Weeks – namely track and field.

"This season so far for track has been going great," Weeks said. "A couple of weeks ago I ran some of my personal best times in the 100-, 200- and 400-meter dashes."

However, Weeks wasn't done after that.

"A week after I set my personal records, I substantially cut my records even more in those events. Right now I'm a 11.09 in the 100 meters and 22.03 in the 200 meters and 48.92 in the 400 meters, which ranks me third in the entire state of Arizona right now. I set personal records, school records and track-meet records, and that was my best meet so far. I think a lot of people see me on film and it doesn't look like I'm super fast, but I think it's deceiving. I have long legs, so I have a long stride. You can't really see it on film, but track times don't lie and you know how fast people are because it's all timed. That's one thing that I've been trying to improve on and my track times show my speed."

In addition to those accomplishments, Weeks and his team were able to achieve something they hadn't yet done.

"In the past we've kind of had really good relay teams," Weeks said. "This year we've kind of struggled to piece it together. The Snowflake 4x400 team we've competed against all year, we've never really been close to them at all. They've been blowing us away pretty much all season long and it hasn't been really close. This past Friday, my team put me in a really good position not too far back from the Snowflake runner and figured I could manage with it.

"I got off hard and I trailed the kid [by 30 meters] most of the way. Coming in the last 100 meters, we were dead even, and then in the last part of the race I pulled ahead and ended up beating him by around 10 meters. It was big-time because we hadn't beaten them all year. I ended up running a 48 split on my leg, and we were able to win the race and top off the day. I was actually surprised because this was my seventh race of the day. I had already ran six races previous to that race. I was just digging down deep and gave it all that I had and was able to win that final race."

Weeks is currently placed among some of the fastest track runners in the state of Arizona.

"In the division that I'm in, division three, I'm ranked number one in the 200- and 400-meter dashes. In the entire state in all divisions I rank third in the 400x and seventh in the 200x, so I'm competing among the fastest track runners in the state. I think if I can keep working on my quickness and speed – that's one thing I'm going to keep emphasizing – and if I just keep getting faster in the long run, it will pay off big. I'm just working out hard in the weight room and in track practices to get stronger and get faster. I think it will all pay off in the long run."

Weeks isn't satisfied though. Before track and field is over, and he steps into his senior season, he wants to beat his current track times.

"The goal right now is to break 11.0 in the 100x and 22.0 in the 200x, and hopefully get my 400x down to about 47.0 and have some big time numbers in track," Weeks said. "I think I have this next year to improve, but I also think by this next month before state I'll have some time to keep working hard and be able to crack some of those times down."

Since Weeks' commitment to BYU, he's received a stream of recruiting letters from colleges expressing interest and testing how deep his commitment runs.

"The letters haven't stopped and every day the letters keep pouring in," Weeks said. "I think people know that I have a pretty strong commitment to BYU. That's where I stand and where I've stood since the day that I gave my word. It's a for-sure thing, but schools may try to get at me, but it's not going to shake me at all."

Weeks received one letter in particular that he thought was sort of, well, interesting.

"A couple of weeks ago, I received my first letter from Utah," Weeks said. "I thought it was funny that they started sending me mail. Me and my parents kind of laughed about that a bit. It's just kind of funny that they would send me a letter knowing they would probably be the last school I would probably go to."

Colleges that have most tested the waters with Weeks include Arizona, Arizona State, Florida State and LSU, among others.

"I know the other day Michigan State called one of my coaches and asked him some questions about me," Weeks said. "They called up one of my coaches and asked him how strong my commitment was to BYU, and so they were looking into it as well.

"I think for the most part, BYU does all the dirty work when it comes to all the higher evaluation process and recruiting they do to find the right kids. They do such an efficient job of evaluating and recruiting. Then because of that, a lot of other schools know that as well, and I think they'll kind of ride the coattails a little bit."

Weeks still keeps in regular contact with Coach Tidwell.

"Yeah, usually on a weekly basis we'll email each other back and forth," Weeks said. "I know he was trying to get out here to watch me run some track next month at the state championships, but it looks like he might not make it. It's been going really well. I really like Coach Tidwell. He's a great guy and a great coach and I can't wait to be up there and be around him and the other coaches at BYU."

Next month, Weeks plans on speaking to his new position coach, Coach Cahoon, for the first time.

"I've been following him for a while, even when he was playing in the CFL," said Weeks. "I was hoping he would get the job because he's got a great resume and I think he would be a great coach to be around. I haven't talked with him yet, but this next month in May there is a day when they can call their prospects. Coach Tidwell is going to set up a time where we can talk and get to know each other. I'm excited because he's a going to be a great coach who can help me reach my potential."

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