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Jordan's McCoy Hill will be joining the team this coming fall before leaving for his planned mission following next year's spring practices. He'll be using this coming year as an audition, as coaches have promised him a scholarship should he perform well. Given BYU's track record in granting walk-ons scholarships, the coaches have a lot of credibility in this regard.

McCoy Hill is a 6-foot-5-inch, 225-pound quarterback prospect from Jordan High School. He was named a consensus First-Team All-State performer, throwing for more than 3,500 yards and 30 touchdowns while running for another 1,200 yards.

Hill describes himself as a classic drop-back passer that can run the ball if he needs to.

"Only about 80 of my 1,200 rushing yards came when I was scrambling," he explained. "I don't consider myself a scrambler, but I can run the ball well when I need to. Almost all of my rushing yards came on designed quarterback draws and other running plays."

Hill will be greyshirting at BYU this coming fall and will join the team as a regular walk-on during next year's spring practices before leaving for his mission. In doing such, he'll be able to return from his mission with all of his eligibility despite participating in spring practices.

Hill will use next spring as an audition for a scholarship. Coaches have promised him that scholarship, and given their track record of offering walk-ons scholarships, they were able to broker this arrangement with him.

Recruiting for the quarterback position is different than it is for other positions, simply due to the lack of open scholarship slots at any college. It's obviously a critical position that schools simply can't afford to make mistakes with, probably more so than with any other position. Most schools are very proactive in scouting out the best talent long before players perform during their senior year in high school.

Quarterbacks that haven't made a name for themselves at camps and only start when they become seniors are often left without an offer despite how well they perform as a senior. Take John Beck, for example, who was woefully under-offered out of high school due to only being able to see exclusive starts at quarterback his senior year.

Hill will look to reprise Beck's success post-mission and believes that he'll have a great opportunity to do so at BYU.

"I've always wanted to play quarterback at BYU and even though I might have to wait to get a scholarship, it's my best opportunity by far and I'm very excited to show what I can do."

Hill had to sit behind record-setting Jordan quarterback Alex Hart during his junior season. Although Hill grew up playing quarterback, he saw some very good success playing wide receiver for his team given his overall athleticism.

A lot of schools, such as Utah State, offered him as an athlete as a result. Hill wants to play quarterback, however, and showed that he is very able to do so when he was able to start, as evidenced by his lofty numbers.

BYU started contacting Hill before his senior season.

"I've always keep in touch with Coach Doman and we talked throughout my senior year," he related. "They were real short of offers this past year, but Coach Doman promised me that they'd give me a scholarship if I performed well during spring practices, which I plan on doing for sure."

Fans often complain about BYU giving too many scholarships to contributing walk-on players. ‘Why waste a scholarship spot?' is a familiar refrain. What BYU has done with this practice is build a lot of credibility to players such as Hill.

"I know that BYU will keep its promise with me for sure, and it's a big reason why I made the decision that I did."

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