Hansen a hot in-state commodity

Chase Hansen has received countless visits, phone calls and other overtures from both BYU and Utah during this early stage of the recruiting process. So far, his recruitment draws a lot of parallels to that of his good friend and teammate, Ryker Mathews.

Chase Hansen is a 6-foot-3-inch, 210-pound athlete prospect from Lone Peak High School in Alpine, Utah. His options regarding which specific position he'll play at the next level are open, but he has received two early offers based on his overall ability to play multiple positions.

Last season he battled through some injuries while playing quarterback for Lone Peak. He saw spot duty at safety and will be deciding here soon which position he'll pursue at the next level.

"I'll decide by the end of the year, if not before then," Hansen said.

It's been a full year since both BYU and Utah gave him a scholarship offer, as they recognized very early on that he could play an effective role either at quarterback or on defense for their programs. Much like was the case with Hansen's former teammate Ryker Mathews, the visits from both schools have been constant.

"They're both at my school all the time," he related. "With Utah, it's Kalani Sitake and Coach [Jay] Hill that are the guys recruiting me. With BYU, it's Coach [Brandon] Doman and Coach [Joe] DuPaix."

Both of the schools are recruiting him equally as strong, according to Hansen. This past spring he's taken the opportunity to familiarize himself with both schools, having attended his share of practice sessions at both schools.

"I like the Utah coaches a lot," he mentioned. "Coach Sitake is a great guy and I'd love playing defense for him. I also like Utah's offense and what they're doing there with Norm Chow. It's an exciting offense and it would be great to be a part of that. I'm obviously open to playing defense. I haven't decided where I'll play yet, but I like how they run both the offense and the defense at Utah."

Hansen obviously has a lot of ties with BYU, with his father having played there. He's become even more familiar with the program through his conversations with both Coach Doman and Coach DuPaix.

"I've known Coach Doman for a long time and I've always been comfortable with him. He's obviously a great coach and would be incredible to play for. Coach DuPaix, he's a lot like Coach Doman. The first time I met him, it was like him and Coach Doman were twins. They both are so enthusiastic and easy to talk to. I liked Coach DuPaix immediately, just like I did with Coach Doman. They're great guys.

"I also like BYU's environment," he continued. "It's obviously a unique place, but I'm LDS and I like that unique environment and what it has to offer. We're obviously a BYU family, so there are a lot of ties with my dad playing there. Right now, I like both BYU and Utah and I'm considering them both, as they'd both be great programs to play for."

The reason why both Utah and BYU are on him so early might be because he is such a highly regarded prospect. Both programs want to do their best to keep him in-state and secure his services before the out-of-state schools come forth with their own offers. That may prove to be hard to do, however, given Hansen's plans this coming summer.

"I plan on spending one day at a lot of schools like Stanford and Oregon and maybe some other schools," he said. "I'm definitely going to Stanford's camp. I want to show them what I can do, and we'll see what happens with that."

Hansen will also attend both BYU's and Utah's camps and will be attending BYU's next Junior Day this coming June 3.

Recently, Hansen participated in the Las Vegas 7-on-7 tournament as part of Bingham coach Dave Peck's team. There were two teams from Utah in the tournament, and both of them showed well in reaching the semifinals.

"I think we proved that Utah football can play with anyone and that we have athletes here in-state that can match up with the best athletes from any other state." he said. "For me, I played safety and I went up against some very big recruits, but I feel that I held my own. It gave me a lot of confidence because I know that I can play with some of the biggest prospects in the Western region. I think most of my teammates feel the same way."

Hansen has plans to serve a mission straight out of high school. TBS will follow his recruitment consistently up until he makes his commitment.

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