Another Hannemann on BYU's radar

BYU signed Lone Peak defensive back prospect Jacob Hannemann back in 2009 and are now taking a long look at his younger brother Micah. So what is BYU's interest and what other schools are giving him early looks? TBS caught up with Hannemann to learn all of that.

Micah Hannemann is a 6-foot-1-inch, 180-pound defensive back prospect from Lone Peak High School in Alpine, Utah. He cites a 4.55 forty and tallied five interceptions last season, one of which he returned for a touchdown.

Regarding his physical makeup, Hannemann greatly resembles his older brother Jacob, and like his older brother, he's hoping for a BYU scholarship offer.

"I'd love to play for BYU … I obviously like BYU," said Hannemann. "It's a great school and football program. My brother will be going there after his mission, so it would be great to play with him."

So far, he's been receiving a lot of visits from coaches from both BYU and Utah.

"It's mainly Coach Doman and Coach DuPaix from BYU and Coach Sitake and Coach Hill from Utah," he related. "They're here a lot visiting Chase Hansen and some other guys, but they both tell me that they're really interested in me and want to see what I can do at their camps."

Micah Hannemann recently attended Utah's Junior Day and likes what he saw.

"Utah is an exciting program right now for sure," he commented. "Playing in the Pac-12, that would be sweet. I like how they play football there; they're fast and athletic. I'd like that chance for sure."

Although he knows his older brother will be at BYU, he relishes the chance that he might have to play against him.

"I think it would be a lot of fun playing with him, but playing against him, I think I'd like that too," he said.

Micah Hannemann is LDS and has plans to serve a mission after playing one year should he receive his coveted Division I offer. In being LDS and having mission plans, he's attracted to BYU's unique atmosphere.

"It's a great place with a clean environment and good standards," he remarked. "I like that about BYU for sure."

Hannemann plans on staying busy this summer and will be attending camps at both BYU and of Utah. He knows that it's there that he'll likely earn a scholarship offer from each school.

"I'm working very hard right now for not just my coming senior season, but for the summer camps," he said. "I know that coaches are interested in me and that if I perform well, they'll likely offer me. I'm excited for sure to go up to Utah and then to BYU and show them what I can do."

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