Robinson names top five

Chaparral High School linebacker Joe Robinson currently has seven scholarship offers on the table from colleges affiliated with the WAC, Pac-10 and Big 10, as well as BYU. Although Robinson is still sorting out his recruiting priorities, he does have a top five list at this time.

The coaches of BYU are hot on the trail for linebackers. They have currently offered Southern California linebacker Butch Pau'u of Servite High School (considered the 13th best middle linebacker in the country), as well as 6-foot-2-inch, 250-pound Chaparral High School linebacker Joe Robinson.

"I run a 4.7 forty and I think I'm pretty quick from side to side," said Robinson. "I max out at 375 on bench. For my squat I max at 530 and for power clean I'm at 290. Because of my size I'm very physical, and that's what most college coaches say about me. They say I'm physical."

Robinson has attended various camps and combines, and has plans on going to more.

"I went to the Nike camp at USC my sophomore year," said Robinson. "I went to the Future Pro Five Star combine, where I got MVP. BYU wants me to come up there in the summer, so I'm going to head up there because they want me to. I'll probably come up there with a teammate from Chaparral named Matt Adamson, who's one of our linemen."

When it comes to a BYU connection, Robinson knows and regularly keeps in contact with BYU prospect Butch Pau'u out of Anaheim, California. The two correspond from time to time.

"He's one of my good friends too," Robinson said about Pau'u. "He's another good player and we talk all the time, and I talk to him all the time on Facebook a lot."

Coming from Temecula, California, Robinson also knows a few players that come from that neck of the woods and that have already committed to BYU.

"Yeah, I also know Adam Pulsipher," Robinson said. "He was a middle linebacker from Temecula Valley High School, and I'm pretty good friends with him. He's a very solid player and I use to train with him back when he played in high school. I know him pretty well. I also know A.J. Moore and he played out at Murrieta Valley my sophomore year. He's a running back and is really good. He's out serving a mission right now."

One might think the reason why Robinson knows Pulsipher and Moore is because of their common interest in football, but it's much more than that. Like Pulsipher and Moore, Robinson is also a member of the LDS faith.

"Yeah, my dad's side of the family is LDS," Robinson said. "My dad is very strong and I go to church with him. My mother is Christian and sometimes they go to church separately, but most of the time they go to church together."

Because of his LDS roots, Robinson holds interest in BYU. He's been on campus a times for various reasons. As of right now, Robinson places BYU in his top five.

"I think BYU is good and I think that school is good all around, just how BYU is set up, and if you go there you're bound for success in your future. BYU is one of my top five schools and it would be a great experience to go there. I've been out to the campus a few times because me and my dad have gone to the father and sons camp.

"I like BYU's campus and I like the atmosphere. BYU is very clean and is probably one of the cleanest campuses I've ever seen in my life. There's nothing but positive vibes from everyone when you go there."

In addition to father and son camps, Robinson has also been on BYU's campus for some a summer camp.

"I went to BYU's summer camp with Adam Pulsipher last year," said Robinson. "Then we went to the Nike combine together, and Coach Weber liked my style of play and he's seen my film and likes everything about me. I made the All-Nike team with Pulsipher."

In the college evaluation process, Robinson is looking for three things: academics, environment and the football program.

"The main thing I'm looking for is academics, because without academics you're not getting the most out of college," Robinson said. "The other thing I'm looking for is environment. I want to surround myself with people good people who are a good influence.

"I don't want to be in a bad environment where people are doing drugs or a lot of partying. I don't want to be influenced or have those things rub off on me in a wrong way. I just want to stay clean and stay focused on sports and academics. That's my Mormon side coming out right there.

"The third thing that I'm looking at is the football program and how good the program is - do they compete at a high level and things like that."

In regards to academics, Robinson wants to look into the culinary arts. Simply put, he loves to cook.

"I want to be a chef," he said. "I try to pick up the cooking in the house any time I get a chance. I like to cook everything, but mostly soul food."

Maybe the chefs from BYU's Legends Grille could teach him a thing or two. In the meantime, Robinson is taking the recruiting process all in and taking his time. To date, he has seven scholarship offers on the table.

"Right now I've got offers from BYU, Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Nebraska and Nevada," he said. "Nebraska and Oregon are my top two schools right now. Oregon hasn't offered me, but I'm waiting for that offer right now."

And why are Nebraska and Oregon his top two colleges at this time?

"Nebraska because they've been recruiting me throughout high school, and once my junior year hit they offered me," he said. "They also send me letters every day.

"Oregon hasn't offered me but I should be getting an offer from them by the end of the summer. I just like how they compete day in and day out. I like how they never gave up in the BCS bowl and how they fought to the end. That's a key factor."

The other two colleges Robinson places among his top five are Washington and Arizona State.

"I had a friend that went up there [to Washington] for an unofficial visit and he said it was nice. He went up there for their spring game and enjoyed it.

"Then ASU would be the other. I was talking to them and they said that if I commit to them, they feel I could play as a freshman, so that's why I hold them in my top five."

Before a final decision is made, Robinson plans on visiting the various schools to get a better idea of how they stack up to his personal criteria.

"My first trip is going to be Nebraska, because that's my number one school right now," Robinson said. "I'm going to take one there. Then I'm going to go out to ASU. Then I'll head out to BYU and they want me to do something. I'll take a good look before I make any decision."

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