Recruiting heating up for Austin Hoyt

Quite a few college coaches have stopped by Argonaut High School recently to watch the team work out. There are a few talented prospects on the team, including Austin Hoyt, who is receiving a lot of attention from college coaches during the recruiting period. Recently, several BYU coaches have either visited or spoken with Hoyt during the recruiting period.

"During basketball season, Coach Poppinga came and watched me play during basketball season," Austin Hoyt said. "Then about a month ago, Coach Weber came and watched me work out in the morning during practice.

"Then about a week later, Coach White from Air Force came by and talked with me. Then the next day, Coach Sears from Washington State came and talked to me, and then the next day that Friday Coach Davis from Utah came by and talked with me."

Utah has taken an interest in Hoyt and would like him to visit their campus.

"Coach Davis is a nice guy and I liked meeting with him," Hoyt said. "He wanted to come out and meet me in person. He called me a couple days later and invited me to come out to their campus and they would show me around. But those are all the coaches that I've talked to. It's exciting and it's cool to meet all these coaches from all these different schools."

Hoyt also spoke with BYU defensive line coach Steve Kaufusi a while back. BYU is looking at Hoyt's potential as a possible defensive end recruit, although his 6-foot-7-inch, 240-pound frame could come in handy at either the tight end or offensive tackle position with a little added weight.

"They really like me as a d-end, and [Kaufusi] really liked me at that position," Hoyt said. "He just wanted to get to know me and talk to me for a little bit. It was really nice to finally get to meet him."

Hoyt is open to playing what position coaches would prefer him at, though he does have a personal preference.

"I really like the defensive end position, and that's what I play now in high school," said Hoyt. "A lot of the schools have said that if I play for them that I could put on some weight and I could then play tackle. Some have said that I could play defensive end too. Either one I would be fine with, but I would really like to play defensive end."

According to Hoyt, Washington State might be close to extending an offer.

"When I spoke to the coach from Washington State, he said that I was right there and close to getting an offer," Hoyt said. "He said he had to get back and talk to the head coach, and just talk to him about me and stuff. We'll see how it works out there, but they said they really like the way I play and how well I move for my size. They said that I'm definitely a D-I prospect, and I liked the coach that I talked to from there."

Although Hoyt hasn't received any offers to date, Air Force could also be extending an offer soon.

"Then Air Force emailed my dad and said they were still deciding whether or not to offer me or not," he said. "I haven't received any offers yet, but I could be getting one here soon. I guess we'll see."

Although he's receiving quite a few letters and visits from college coaches, there are four college programs are currently showing the most interest in Hoyt.

"The schools that I'm getting the most interest from are BYU, Utah, Washington State [and] Oregon State," he said. "BYU and Oregon State have come by recently to watch me work out and my team work out too. Coach Poppinga is the one that [came out on Friday], and even though I've spoken to Coach Kaufusi, Coach Poppinga is still over this area. But those are the main schools that are interested in me right now."

When it comes to a favorite, Hoyt is keeping his options open. He doesn't want to tip his hand one way in and alienate any opportunity.

"I'm just talking to a lot of coaches to learn more about these different schools," said Hoyt, who is LDS. "I'm just figuring out which one would be a good fit for me. I'm looking for a good campus with a good LDS feel, and academically I want to go to a school where I can get a good education."

Hoyt, who plans on serving a mission, will be visiting BYU this summer.

"I might go to their Junior Day, and I'm still deciding whether to go or not," he said. "I am going to their padded camp though. I definitely want to go to that and be a part of their camp."

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