Cramer puts speed on display

LDS safety prospect Austin Cramer from Argonaut High School in Jackson, California doesn't have any offers yet, but has been getting attention from a variety of college programs as of late. Meanwhile, he's also been excelling at track and recently put on some impressive performances.

"We just got done with our league championship finals last Friday," said Austin Cramer about competing in track. "I got four first-place gold metals. I ran the 110 meter high hurdles, the 100 meter sprint, the 300 meter low hurdles and the 4x100 meter relay."

Not only did he win a number of races, but Cramer also set some records.

"For the 100 meter sprint I ran an 11.21, and then for the hurdles I ran a personal best of 14.69, which broke our school and league record," said Cramer. "Then for the 300 meter hurdles I recorded a 40.92 in the finals. In the 4x100 we ran a 44.29 in that meet. Since I got first in all those events, it qualifies me to go to section."

His 110 hurdle time places the 6-foot-3-inch, 200-pound Cramer among the fastest runners in the entire state of California.

"Right now for the 110 hurdles my time put me at number 19 in the state of California," said Cramer. "Just for the heck of it we checked to see where my times would place in the state of Utah, and my times ranked me at number two in the state."

Although currently excelling in track, Cramer's speed has translated into quite a bit of interest from college football programs. Many coaches have stopped by his school to watch the 2012 prospect work out.

"We've had a couple of schools come and visit our high school," he said. "We've had BYU come by our school three times this year so far. I've seen Coach Poppinga out here a couple times, and then we've also had the University of Utah come by and the University of Oregon.

"Also, Coach Joe Cullen, who is the offensive line coach, came by from Harvard University and talked to me about my grades. The coach also invited me to one of their camps out there. I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to make it or not. Then also Oregon State University came by, as well as Coach Brad White from Air Force. I've also received letters of interest from Princeton, Stanford, UCLA, Montana State, San Diego State, and Georgia Tech called my coach the other day and wanted my transcripts as well.

"Washington State University came by these past few weeks. I was able to do some workouts and have a little bit of talking going on. We couldn't really talk a whole lot and it was mostly ‘hi' and ‘bye.'"

During the Nike SPARQ testing held at Langley College in Oakland, California, Cramer also performed well and placed among the tops in the nation during that testing.

"I did really well for my overall Nike SPARQ rating for football," Cramer said. "I recorded a 94.89. We did the forty and it was cold and windy and I don't think I ran my best during that time. I recorded a 4.6, but I did well in the agility and the power ball. In the 5-10-5 shuttle I ran it in 4.19 seconds, and then the power ball, I threw it 35 feet. My vertical was tested at a 31.7 inches. My score put me in the top 96th percentile of all the SPARQ athletes in my class throughout the nation."

Cramer also boasts about a 3.9 GPA, which is why colleges the likes of Harvard, Princeton and Stanford are recruiting him, and although he doesn't have any offers to date, he plans on putting his athletic abilities on display for coaches this summer by attending a busy camp schedule. Coaches want to see the safety prospect perform in person before an offer is extended.

"They mainly want to see me at camps," Cramer said. "I've signed up for a few camps this summer that are coming up. One of the camps that I signed up for in the BYU Junior Day, and I'm also going to go to the University of Utah skill camp. The Utah coach invited me to come out and go on a campus tour as well after my camp was done.

"Then I'm going to go to the All-Poly Camp in Utah, where there will be a lot of coaches out there from all over the country. They'll be able to watch me work out. Then the week after the All-Poly Camp, I'm going to the BYU padded camp. Then later in July I'll be going to the BYU track camp as well."

The colleges that interest Cramer the most are BYU, Boise State, Oregon and Utah.

"I really like BYU and love being on that campus," he said. "I also like Boise State and Oregon and I've never been on their campus, but I think it would be cool to be on those campuses. I'm also looking forward to checking out the University of Utah's campus as well. It's a little nerve-wracking, but I take it as a blessing to have all these opportunities to be looked at by all of these different schools, and I'm hoping that I'll get an offer from at least one of them."

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