Collie taking notes from Heaps, others

Now that Dylan Collie is a firm commit for BYU, he's started recruiting. Taking notes from Jake Heaps and others, he's determined to get the best prospects possible to join him at BYU. He began the process at BYU's Junior Day, and will continue from there.

Dylan Collie committed to BYU late last month, and is now intent on bringing other top recruits to BYU with him.

On June 3 he participated in BYU's Junior Day. While it wasn't Collie's first Junior Day at BYU, it was better than last years to be certain.

"I remember last year just being so focused on proving to coaches that I deserved a scholarship that I couldn't really relax and enjoy it as much," he said. "Now that I'm in, I'm committed, it was just a lot more fun for me. It was one of the best days I've had, knowing that I was committed and was going to be part of the program."

This year, he was able to meet and associate with other commits and current players, knowing that they'd soon be his teammates. He was able to talk to them comfortably, get to know them better and even learn from them.

"It wasn't the first time I've met guys like Jake Heaps, Ross Apo, and Richard Wilson, but it was different knowing that I'd be their teammate soon," he said. "I've talked to Jake and Ross quite a bit about how they formed a strong bond before they got to BYU, and I'm very intent on doing the same with Jake and with Tanner Mangum."

Heaps and Apo built quite a synergy during camps and other workouts before they got to BYU. Collie, anxious to emulate that same type of synergy, reported that he took almost all of his reps with the Idaho quarterback commit.

"I really wanted to make sure that I caught as many passes from him as I could," he said. "We did real well together. We hooked up on almost every type of pass, and I definitely feel a good connection with him, which is extremely important for a quarterback and a receiver."

It wasn't the first time Collie and Mangum have worked out together, but it was the first time they did so as BYU commits.

"I've always liked Tanner," said Collie. "He's a great quarterback, and someone I'm very excited to play with at BYU and to catch passes from. He's also a real nice guy and easy to get along with."

Collie attended Junior Day with his older brother Austin. Having his older brother there helping to coach him is something he always enjoys. "It's always great having your brother there, pointing out things you need to concentrate on and do better," he said.

It wasn't all about getting to know those that were already at BYU, or soon to join the program. Junior Day included a lot of uncommitted players, whom Dylan was anxious to seek out.

"Coaches really want us to help recruit guys to BYU, and I'm all about that," he said. "I want to play with the best players possible, and want to help any way that I can to do that. I know that Jake Heaps did that a lot when he was committed, and we talked about that a lot at Junior Day. He's still helping with that where he can."

Dylan was able to meet with a lot of the top BYU prospects, trying to sell them on BYU and the opportunities they'd have there.

"I talked to Jamaal Williams a lot and some others," he said. "I didn't get to meet and talk with Troy Hinds, and was sort of disappointed that I didn't, but I'm going to keep on doing it, trying to get in touch with guys and let them know that we want them here at BYU."

For Collie, BYU has everything a football prospect wants, and is mindful to convey that as best he can.

"I want people to take advantage of the same great opportunities that we have at BYU," he said. "BYU has so much to offer, and it's my job as a commit to make sure that they know that. Anything that can make our team better is what I want to help with, and right now, it's helping to recruit."

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